The Issue Tracking System designed to adapt fast

From the small work to the big picture, Tuleap organizes work items so teams are clear what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done. With Tuleap tracking system, manage any type of work and distribute tasks across teams. So flexible. Start with out-of-the-box tracker templates and easily adapt your workflow to match the way your teams work.

Work management centralized

  • Manage any type of work items: requirements; stories, tasks, bugs, requests, to-do’s…
  • Track every modifications and updates
  • Fully customizable workflows to fit any need possible
  • Automatically link all work items backward and forward
  • Use templates and create your owns
customized trackers
Tracker report types and dashboards

Real-time dashboards & advanced queries

Analytics & Charts

Turn data into insights with charts, reports and dashboards.

Tracker Query Language

Tracker Query Language (TQL) is the most powerful way to query Tuleap Trackers and create valuable reports. Create very specific queries with operators as: submitted_by, BETWEEN(), AND, OR, etc.

Cross-tracker search

Aggregate data for reports across multiple projects. Generate cross-project or cross-tracker reports in table format either using the basic search function or Tuleap Query Language (TQL).

End-to-end Traceability. Connect issues to code… and more

Tuleap ensures gap-free traceability across the whole product development lifecycle. It links requirements, to tasks, bugs, source code and tests to achieve end-to-end traceability from first ideas to deliveries.

Tuleap issue Tracker can be used along with Tuleap Agile tools and Tuleap Continuous Development chain and Tuleap Test Management to ship quality software product even faster.

The Issue Tracking System designed to adapt fast

Tuleap is so flexible, adaptable, and powerful. Say goodbye to waiting for administrator approval. Configure what you need, yourself, in your workspace project, on individual trackers. It is adapted for any enterprise teams, software development, operations, helpdesk, marketing. Tuleap is even better for work involving multiple teams.

adaptable tracker artifact fields

Tracker field customization

  • Set what is displayed in the ticket form : create a condition that determines if a field is visible based on the value of an another field
  • Choose the rank of a field in the issue form
  • Add any type of new field
  • Add new values in fields
  • Add date reminders

Tailored workflow. By tracker.

  • Use workflow templates or create your own, for each tracker and for each project
  • Define your own user groups to be used in the workflow
  • Set authorized transitions where you determine what happens and who is allowed
  • Apply workflow settings to cardwalls and Kanban boards
  • Specify compulsory fields that must be fill-in before update

Fine-tunable permission settings

  • Permissions on individual trackers
  • Permissions on individual fields
  • Permissions by user-groups
Tracker workflows

Advanced configuration: triggers and transitions

  • Field dependencies: e.g. if the resolution field gets the value “fixed”, then the status field will get the value “closed”
  • Transitions by project user groups: e.g. only group A can move from status “to do” to “ongoing”
  • Post functions after transitions: e.g. when a task moves from “ongoing” to “done”, then the remaining work is set to “0”
  • Cross-tracker triggers: e.g. when all the subtasks are “done”, the parent task is “closed”
  • Triggers on development tools: transition Tuleap issues when certain events occur in a connected development tool. E.g. Launch a Jenkins job when the issue status is “under review”
  • Freeze or hide fields when a value is changed


  • Send automatically email notifications to submitter at status update
  • Configure date reminder alerts
  • Use canned-responses to answer quickly to standard requests
Tracker workflow configuration - triggers and transitions

Say goodbye to multiple tools.