Requirement Management & Baseline

Provide all stakeholders with a central requirements management platform to collaborate efficiently. Centralize requirements and get your stakeholders on the same page, so they can collaborate effectively. Achieve upstream and downstream traceability. Simplify product verification and facilitate compliance audits.

Track and Trace your Requirements

Trace functional and non-functional specifications along the chain of work items from ideation to planning, to continuous development, testing, and operations.

  • Capture, collaborate on, and manage requirements or user stories
  • Create custom requirements approval and validation processes with advanced workflow
  • Plan requirements development
  • Generate test cases based on requirements
Requirements backlog

Create Baselines : the snapshot of a set of requirements

For audit purposes or to understand a deviation against a previous baseline, Tuleap Baseline is really useful. It is about providing decision-makers with the information that will let them make timely and appropriate decisions to modify the planned functionalities. Change requests are made against an established scope, the point of reference.

Requirement baseline

Tuleap Baseline enables create snapshots in time that represents an agreed-upon, reviewed, and approved set of requirements or stories that have been committed to a specific release. 

  • Save the release scope at a agreed time so that managers can make realistically achievable commitments, allocate staffing levels and budgets needed
  • “Go back in time” and browse any earlier baseline 
  • Compare baselines to find out what content has been changed between two snapshots. 

Requirements Export-Import

Drop out end-less and unmanageable Word Documents for you requirements. Take advantage of Tuleap open architecture to move from legacy systems to a modern collaborative requirements platform.  Use .csv or .xml export-import options and Tuleap REST API for custom integrations.