Tuleap Enterprise Agile Planning tools to scale agile with SAFe®

Scaling Agile at Enterprise level implies providing every team in the organization with the adapted and dedicated tools to ensure the success of such a major project… Tuleap Program Management™ plugin provides a way to help agile teams stay aligned and coordinated from business strategy to delivery.

Team alignment with synchronized workspaces

Improve processes and tools consistency while giving autonomy to the teams. Tuleap provides ready-to-use templates to make easy get started with Essential SAFe®, creating synchronized workspaces with aggregated information.

safe tools within Tuleap

Consistent tools, synchronized work

  • At Program level, Agile Release Train workspace allows cross-backlog management, plans Program Increments, and supervises iterations progress. Change the settings of the ART and its aggregated projects at any time, adding existing projects or creating new ones.
  • At Team level, people can organize and work how they want, in Scrum, Kanban, or home-made agile sauce, on user stories and development tasks. Everything remaining synchronized with Program level.
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Start in a few clicks with ready-to-use Tuleap templates for Essential SAFe®

Starting off with ready-to-use templates allows you to jump straight to work. For SAFe usage, Tuleap Program Management™ plugin comes with 2 templates:

  • Essential SAFe® Agile Release Train: manage ART, PI planning and Roadmaps,
  • Essential SAFe® Scrum Team: help cross-functional teams to deliver an increment of value using Scrum method.

Efficient Agile Release Trains for valuable Development Value Streams

Program and Solution Kanban

  • Visually manage the flow of Features or Capabilities from ideation to analysis, implementation, and release through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline,
  • Rank highest-priority features using WSJF rate,
  • Customize Kanban boards and workflow to fit the ART’s process, as the definition of WIP limits and the specific policies for each process state.
Program or Solution Kanban for SAFe

ART cross-team Backlog after Features Exploration by teams

At Team level, ideas of feature that support the enterprise strategic themes are analyzed by the Teams according to their specificities and responsabilities:

  • Turn the loosely-formed idea into well-formed features with descriptions, business benefit hypotheses, acceptance criteria, prototyping and estimated story points,
  • Split Features into smaller User stories at Team level,
  • Automatically populate each Team backlog when Features and Stories have been explored and are ready to be planned, as well the ART backlog with the synchronisation mechanism.
Cross-team Backlog in the Agile Release Train

Flexible Program Increments Planning

ART is where the Agile Product Delivery team gathers and consolidates the Backlog of the product. Here is the place for planning, building, and validating a full system increment, demonstrating value, and collecting feedback:

  • Visualize analyzed and ready-to-be-planned features into the cross-project backlog
  • Plan Program Enablers and/or Features in a Program Increment and prioritize them by drag’n dropping them at the right place
  • Automatically mirror Program Increments and iterations created at Program level to Teams level
Plan Program Increments of the Agile Release Train

Shared vision of the Product Roadmap

  • Quickly visualize what functionality will be delivered when, in the upcoming or current Program Increment,
  • Monitor the overall progress with real-time updates,
  • Configure the layout to display timelines, dependencies and features break-down.

See it in action

Implementing Essential SAFe with Tuleap

It is time for action now. Let’s provide teams the right tools to get in sync. This webinar shows you how to coordinate several teams to deliver a quality product using Essential SAFe® and Tuleap.

Webinar implementing SAFe with Tuleap

Scrum and Kanban for Agile Teams

Give multi-profiles teams autonomy and allow them work as they want. With Tuleap, teams can customize their workspace, creating their own agile development flow to achieve continuous value delivery to the Trains, and ultimately the entire enterprise. Scrum, Kanban or mixed methods, with Tuleap teams can define, build, test and deliver value, leveraging the power of DevOps and quality management tools under one roof.

Scrum, kanban

SAFe® Build-in quality with a DevOps Continuous Delivery Pipeline

At the team level, developers are provided with an integrated continuous development chain thanks to Tuleap Tuleap automates the code-versioning-build-test-release workflow, by connecting with Eclipse, Git, Pull Request, Jenkins and Tests.

devops workflow