Manage Automated and Manual Tests together

Deliver high quality software. Decrease incidents. With Tuleap Test Management, manage automated and manual tests at the same place. No more juggling multiple spreadsheets or diving into the depths of complex software. Test Management is now integrated in the whole product and software development lifecycle.

Simple but powerful tool to run test campaigns

  • Define test cases, automated and manual ones in one simple place
  • Create automatically campaigns with tests created in a Release 
  • Create new campaigns quickly
  • Replicate test suites for regular campaigns 
  • Split big manual tests into steps
  • Run tests easily with an intuitive interface
  • Execute Jenkins jobs directly from Tuleap Test Management interface
  • Group test cases into campaigns based on type, importance, product feature, testing environment, etc.
  • Create custom integrations with complementary tools as Selenium, Cypress, or JUnit using Jenkins and Tuleap REST API
Tuleap Test Management
Link Test and bug

Link Tests
to Requirement and Bugs, seamlessly

Write test cases from requirements in the product planning

Tuleap Test Management is integrated with Tuleap Agile and Tuleap Tracking tools. You can link any test case or execution back to a requirement, a story, a task or a bug. The testing phase is addressed from the begging of the product creation. Quality is here.

Link tests back to bugs

Stumble upon something weird? Just log a new bug or link your test to an existing one.

End-to-end Traceability 


Tuleap Test Management automatically connects the dots to reach consistency and gapless end-to-end traceability throughout the entire lifecycle.

Get easy traceability visualization : a map shows the dependency tree and relationships between requirements, tests, and any other artifacts of the product.

Tuleap dependencies graph
Tests podium

Testing as a game

Tuleap Test Management’s gamified environment gives project team members real-time updates and rewards them for their performance. Think carrot, not stick!

Say goodbye to multiple tools. 
Explore the #1st Open Source Agile and DevOps tool.

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