The fast track to regulatory compliance & software traceability

Whatever your industry — automotive, medical devices, aerospace and defence — chances are that terms like ISO 26262, ASPICE, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and CMMI are part of your vocabulary.

With Tuleap, you can demonstrate regulatory compliance with minimal effort, deliver better-quality outcomes, and make software product quality a source of competitive advantage for your business.

When you make Tuleap part of your development toolkit, you can bring safe, reliable, high-quality software products and embedded systems to the market faster and more cost-effectively, and take care of your compliance requirements at the same time. 

With an Application Lifecycle Management solution (as Tuleap), Process Audit Time is cut by 4,5.

Research 2019 after a seven-year study — Journal of Systems & Software

How does Tuleap improve compliance and easy traceability?

Agile and DevOps principles for enhanced compliance management

End-to-end traceability from initial requirements to tests and deliveries 

Superior collaboration across teams 

Process modelling and automation

Faster, more cost-effective compliance

Leveraging Agile and DevOps for compliance management

Even in today’s digital world, too many companies still rely on spreadsheets, word processing documents, and emails to manage their compliance requirements. You can do better. Say goodbye to slow and error-prone manual methods and harness the power of Agile and DevOps principles: 

  • Collaboration among teams
  • Short iterations and adaptive scheduling
  • Continuous deployment and delivery
  • Flexible response to changing circumstances 
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Iterative testing
devops tool

Tuleap has become our number-one tool for our ASPICE evaluations 

Quality Assurance Engineer-JTEKT Corporation
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Achieve end-to-end traceability from requirements to releases

To limit your exposure to regulatory risk, you need a traceable record or log to be able to prove that you are compliant. Tuleap ensures gap-free traceability across the product development lifecycle. It links business objectives, requirements, and tests to help ensure nothing is missed, while protecting your company in the event of an audit. 

With Tuleap, you can associate requirements with downstream artifacts all the way to testing and release. 

Tuleap brings greater security, efficiency, and trust to our audit-related processes for ISO 13485 compliance.” 

Nicolas Gaiffe – Software Manager – SleepInnov medical devices

Achieve maturity in quality assurance & testing

  • Accelerate product validation with the Tuleap Test Management module, which can be integrated with your other Tuleap tools
  • Use fast, efficient, and accurate automated and manual testing to validate your software products 
  • Track and manage all product quality assurance activities from requirements to releases, all in Tuleap
  • Monitor analyze testing campaigns in real time
Tuleap Test Management - quality assurance

Accelerate regulatory audits

  • Collect, organize, and manage all required evidence; trace final reporting information back to its origin; and compare with regulatory interpretations to prove compliance
  • Reduce the number of errors by reusing project configurations, verified processes, and validated requirements as you see fit
  • Cut the costs of audit preparation with quick, easy access to complete product history information, conveniently located in one place

Facilitate process modelling

Tuleap coordinates plans, projects, and processes across your entire organization:

  • Create corporate templates to standardize processes
  • Ensure compliance with regulations by reusing project configurations and workflows in the development of multiple product variants
  • Configure Tuleap to support your company’s standard operating procedures 
  • Customize project workspaces, workflows, and artifact attributes to suit your development processes 
workflow trackers ad triggers

Automate workflows

  • Configure, and then enforce the use of approved workflows for:
    • Release schedules
    • Requirements and task tracking 
    • Document approvals
    • Code-review-build-delivery pipeline 
    • Maintenance policy
  • Set conditional actions triggered by certain events 

Ensure security & access control

  • Set up efficient teams by creating user groups with common rights to each tool, field, and document 
  • Set project access permissions on different layers and granularities for a secure work environment
  • Implement user- and role-based security features for permission control

Quality assurance document control

  • Share quality-related information internally or externally via Tuleap document manager and the wiki
  • Update, review, and approve documents
  • View changes and revision status
  • Securely control document distribution
  • Prevent the use of obsolete documents and ensure error-free archiving

Automatic document generation

  • Generate requirements specification documents in a few seconds with Tuleap DocGen™ plugin and export any test plan information (requirements, tests, campaigns, execution status and so on)
  • Get a traceability matrix – now also available in Tuleap Test Management™ module – to easily prove your products’ quality and standards compliance (i.e. ISO 26262, SoX, SPICE, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, CMM…)
  • Considerably reduce time and ressources to prepare internal and external audits
automatic document generation

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