Speed up value delivery in production with centralized DevOps tools

DevOps begins with a culture shift. Processes, methodologies, and tools help support that culture. No matter where you are in your DevOps journey, the principles of Agile, continuous delivery, Git, and IT will be your guides. 

Tuleap lays the foundations for a shared understanding and common vision, so that dev, IT, and PO can align with the single objective of releasing quality software rapidly and repeatedly.

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How does Tuleap enable continuous delivery of quality releases?

An all-in-one collaborative DevOps environment

A stronger connection between Dev & IT Ops teams 

Capabilities to plan, rehearse, and coordinate go-live activities

Easy custom development workflows, from basic to advanced 

Testing, manual and automated, as pillar of DevOps approach

Connect Dev & IT Ops teams…and much, much more

The key to faster, higher-quality releases is a strong relationship between your Dev and Ops teams. You also need the latest tools and processes to support collaboration. However, even if you have the best tools and automation capabilities, you can’t get the most out of DevOps unless there is a conscious intent on the part of your IT and Ops teams to work together. Tuleap can facilitate the kind of collaboration that is at the heart of DevOps by:

  • Providing a collaborative all-in-one DevOps environment with a wide range of features and the associated ecosystem. A unified environment also does away with the multiple heterogeneous tools that increase OPEX, lead to context switching, and slow down the pace of releases. 
  • Enabling team members to understand and comment on ideas, requirements, roadmaps, tasks, code, and documentation.
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Create an end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline

Tuleap streamlines the request-coding-versioning-build-test-release workflow within a single integrated environment. It turns customer requests into planned releases to be deployed using Tuleap tools like Git, Pull Request, Jenkins, and Test Management.

devops workflow
Here is an example of a DevOps workflow implemented with Tuleap

Use DevOps with Kanban or Scrum to go beyond CI/CD

At Tuleap, we think of DevOps like Agile-plus-Ops. Why? Because, while fast releases are important, value is also crucial. This means delivering the things that bring the most value first. To achieve this, you must go beyond continuous development and integration tools and use Scrum or Kanban approaches to promote customer-centric development. Tuleap provides powerful planning tools to keep everyone synchronized and focused on customer needs. With Tuleap, you can:

Kanban, Planning, agile project management

  • Collect and rank customer requests
  • Plan, rehearse, and coordinate tasks and go-live activities
  • Use Kanban boards for incremental releases of small chunks of new features or defect fixes
  • Combine the workflows of different activities right from Dev to Integration/Build, Test, Deployment, and even to application monitoring
  • Achieve end-to-end DevOps traceability by connecting Agile items directly to merge requests and DevOps pipelines

Set up your own software development workflow

With Tuleap you can set up your own incremental and iterative software development workflow. Create an unlimited number of repositories per project, assign granular path-based access rights on branches for both Git and SVN, trigger Jenkins builds on commit or from the tracker workflow, and create your code review workflow from basic to advanced.

Tuleap development teams do not all have to be alike. With Tuleap it is possible for one project team to use Git + Pull Request, while another team uses Git + Gerrit + Jenkins + Test Management.

devops workflow gerrit
One development workflow supported by Tuleap

Create, view, and manage code through powerful Git branching

Git is delivered, maintained, and administered within your Tuleap environment. This will reduce your IT team’s workload, and you will no longer have to wait for someone from IT to implement Git. Simply do it yourself in a single click. Developers will appreciate the ability to create new Git repositories quickly and easily. All commits, pull requests, and comments are visible to all and are linked back to the relevant stories, documents, tests, and bugs. Tuleap gives you at-a-glance access to information on why, what, when, who, and what’s next! Git LFS lets you work quickly and efficiently, even with large files.

Code review with Git Pull Request and Gerrit

You no longer have to wait for change approvals before sending an item to production. Pull requests make peer reviews faster and more effective. You can review code, discuss changes, share knowledge, and identify defects in code across remote teams using asynchronous review and commenting. Finally, with Tuleap, you can automate, track, and generate reports on your code reviews.

Continuous Integration with integrated Jenkins

Tuleap lets you catch and fix bugs early on in the development cycle. Each change can be built and tested automatically very early on and up to several times per hour. Tuleap automates code builds, integration, and verification. Automated testing provides fast feedback to developers and testers about the quality of their code. With pipelines that enable concurrent testing and parallel execution, teams quickly get insights into every commit from their Tuleap development dashboards.

Easy Quality Assurance with Tuleap Test Management

Even in a highly automated DevOps environment, human behavior is still critical. Tuleap Test Management is a rich, powerful tool that lets everyone on the team run tests throughout the development process. Tuleap Test Management is an easy-to-use module for managing automated and manual tests in real time, from planned manual testing and user acceptance testing, to creating new bugs and linking to known problems.

Tuleap Test Management - automatic and manual test validation
Manage automated and manual tests in one single solution

Incident and Document Management

With monitoring and incident ticketing tools, Tuleap Incident Management centralizes requests and notifies the right people at the right time so that the necessary action can be taken right away. Tuleap’s highly flexible workflow settings organize requests into automated processes. Tuleap Document Management facilitates knowledge sharing and post-incident reviews.


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