HelpDesk and ticketing: Increase productivity and customer satisfaction

Support tickets can take a variety of forms. Whether it is to ask for help, report an incident, or request a new service, Tuleap has a place for everything. 

The Tuleap tracking tool can handle everything from basic help to full-fledged ITIL-compliant service management. It makes it easy to collect, prioritize, track, and resolve customer support requests for all functions across your organization, including IT, HR, facilities, legal, and more.

Tuleap tracking tool

How does Tuleap facilitate HelpDesk Management?

Tuleap has all of the features your help desk staff needs to be more productive, plus analytics help desk managers can use to improve customer service. And customers get their tickets resolved faster.

A single personalized portal for your customers, help desk staff & developers

Tasks & progress displayed via a user-friendly interface

Automated workflows

Public & private dashboards, reporting & metrics

Time tracking for all tasks

Make your team more productive

Streamline your workflow with Kanban 

When your help desk receives hundreds of requests a day, you need a system for managing support tickets. Tuleap Kanban boards make ticket management easier, more efficient, and less stressful by helping your staff focus on one task at a time.

  • Identify bottlenecks that limit work in progress.  
  • Break big tasks down into smaller items and deliver more frequently. 
  • Drag-and-drop to update ticket status quickly and easily. 
  • Customize your Kanban boards simply by changing column order and names. 
kanban board
Cumulative flow chart

Actually see your progress

Tuleap Kanban is a simple, visual tool that makes it easy to instantly see what matters and focus on getting things done. Tuleap Kanban lets you:

  • Communicate more clearly using visual boards. 
  • Create easy-to-understand at-a-glance reports for customers rather than just forwarding your more detailed staff reports.
  • Maintain a focus on hot work with colored alerts.
  • Use color-coded card backgrounds to draw attention to critical or urgent tickets.

Organize and automate workflows

Use Tuleap out of the box or configure highly granular permissions and user groups to suit your own ticketing process. You can configure:

  • Transitions, customizing every detail down to the final action, whether that is a given condition that needs to be met or a custom notification sent out
  • Workflows, by creating rules to allow a card to be moved directly from the new to the in review column
  • Access, such as sharing a board with everyone but only allowing certain user groups to perform certain actions (e.g. only leaders can move a card from pending to cancelled)
bug tracker, workflow organization

Measure and improve the workflow

Tuleap metrics and dashboards help decision makers monitor service performance and improve the workflow.

project management dashboards

Generate reports and charts that really communicate

  • Create public dashboards with a big-picture view of your help desk activities, with key metrics like the number of new, open, and closed tickets; average reply time; and satisfaction ratings.
  • Create custom dashboard with only the data that your business requires.
  • Monitor trends and pacing with a cumulative flow chart that shows the number of items in each stage of the workflow over a period of time so that you can catch bottlenecks and make adjustments to the process to get things flowing again.

Know where the day went with time tracking

  • Managers can find out how much time is spent on customer tickets and tasks (such as hours per customer).
  • Staff can find out how much time spent on individual tasks, either for billing purposes or for personal improvement.
  • The amount of time a ticket has been in a specific status/column on the Kansan board can also be monitored.
Timetracking Overview

Build a Knowledge Base for your customers

A Knowledge Base with FAQs and articles can help your customers find a fix fast, without waiting for the help desk to get back to them. This not only reduces the help desk workload, it also ensures that your hep desk staff focus more on complex issues where they can add the most value.

Connect with developers

It used to be that getting a wide range of stakeholders involved in the development process took many different tools. Tuleap provides everything developers need to resolve incidents faster and push changes with confidence, all in one place. The real-time interface is updated automatically so that the rest of the team and the ticket author always know the status of their issue.

Want to track, prioritize and resolve customer support tickets faster and more easily than ever?