Quality Assurance & Test Management: Have confidence in your products

Did you know that fixing a bug after delivery is 100 times more expensive than during the design phase? Not to mention the risk to your reputation if you release a product plagued by bugs.

Tuleap QA and Test Management improves software quality and limits the number and severity of incidents before users experience any issues. Your teams will be proud to deliver stellar releases that exceed customer expectations.

How does Tuleap make Quality Assurance more efficient?

QA tools to find & fix bugs earlier and more cost-effectively

Automatic link tests back to requirements & bugs

Cut testing time time in half

Information to facilitate audits and ensure compliance

Easy-to-understand visual traceability maps

Tuleap makes it possible to manage quality assurance and requirements simultaneously. This way, during audits, it’s easier to provide evidences that what we have delivered to customers complies with the demands.

Kirk Adoniadis, Quality Manager, STMicroelectronics

QA tools to find and fix bugs earlier and more cost-effectively

Software bugs are unavoidable. However, with the right validation practices, you can integrate testing into all phases of your software development process. This lets you fix bugs earlier on, which drastically reduces the resources and time you devote to bug fixes, not to mention the cost of late-stage corrections.

With Tuleap it is easy to implement validation and testing processes that let developers and testers detect early and detect often.

Online code reviews

Developers can conduct source code reviews with Tuleap Pull Request to identify issues within the code.

Continuous integration

Automate continuous code integration to catch errors early with Jenkins integrated into Tuleap.

Pull requests comments
Pull requests comments
agile  tools and test management integration

Integrate testing into your Agile and bug tracking tools 

With Tuleap, there is no more juggling multiple spreadsheets or grappling with complex testing software. Tuleap Test Management is fully integrated into the product and software development lifecycles. With Tuleap Test Management, you can coordinate the entire validation process from stories to final deliveries, easily and efficiently. Tuleap Test Management can be integrated with Agile and bug tracking tools, supporting requirements-based testing. It’s easier and more efficient!

Ensure compliance and take control of your audits

Tuleap helps you provide proof of the maturity of your development process. With a robust yet simple quality assurance workflow, you can provide full traceability and create the audit trails you need, whether it is for compliance with ISO or another industry standard (A-SPICE, CMMI…). Your products will be worthy of trust, with the evidence to prove it.  

  • Bi-directional linking: Automatically connect the dots for consistency and gapless end-to-end traceability throughout the entire software lifecycle. Link a task back to related requirements, to the code version, reviews, CI jobs, documents, and validation tests.
  • Visual traceability map: Facilitate the audit process with a map showing the dependency tree and relationships between commits, requirements, bugs, wikis, documents, and virtually any component of the product.
traceability map

Cut testing time in half

With Tuleap Test Management, your test campaigns are about to get a whole lot easier. With integrated testing, Tuleap enables your QA, dev, and business teams to collaborate in real-time on testing. Validation is literally a game. Tuleap Test Management is user-friendly, fun, and collaborative. Project team members are rewarded for their tests, increasing both engagement and the number of tests run. And more tests equals fewer bugs.

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