Going further: Scaling up Agile in large organizations with SAFe®

Organizations of all kinds, from private companies to government agencies, are building increasingly complex software. In this fast-paced environment, the practices used to imagine and manage software delivery must be able to keep up. Tuleap helps organizations scale Agile approaches, with a particular focus on Agile planning, program execution, and team-level support.

Get a unified environment that simplifies the adoption and implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), LeSS or Scrum of Scrum, regardless of the configuration you choose. Tuleap is an Enterprise Agile Planning (EAP) tool that supports the key concepts, practices, and metrics to help your organization implement agility at scale.

Getting started with this agile framework? Learn how to speak SAFe: technical vocabulary, roles and specific events.

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Scaled Agile: how to implement transformation

Agility at scale is one of the current challenges in large organizations. To help you get started, we have this e-book for you. Whether you are the initiator of this new business approach or at the heart of operational teams, this e-book helps you better understand the challenges and contributions for all of agility at scale.

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Using Scrum of Scrum to build an app to manage large volumes of data

Agile at Scale: Vitam, the French Government Program

How does Tuleap scale agile?

Share business objectives so that strategy and execution are aligned

Enforce collaboration across teams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs)

Synchronize teamwork from multiple projects

Favour regular quality release

Promote DevOps principles structured through an automated code-build-delivery workflow

Kanban, Planning

Rank and prioritize activities with agile backlog tools

Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid teams can work side-by-side within the same PI or Release Train. Tuleap Agile Dashboards enable collaborative backlog management, program increment planning, and project execution. 

Configurable planning hierarchy

Get inspired by the top 5 agile at scale methods and use the most appropriate configuration for your organization. Tuleap’s flexible planning hierarchy makes it easy to use any mix of SAFe® configurations, from Essential SAFe® to higher levels.

Tuleap hierarchy agile planning tool
Tuleap agile planning tool

Program Increment (PI) objectives and iterations planning

Tuleap enables enterprises to deploy agility at the ART (Agile Release Trains) level, down to each team level. With Tuleap, teams plan, coordinate and collaborate on projects together, using Scrum, Kanban or their own favorite way of doing things.
Plan your Program Increments with confidence: the Tuleap planning environment lets you create PIs, complete capacity planning and allows teams to take on work in a single location.

Thanks to Tuleap we have orchestrated several Scrum teams and delivered 3 major versions within 4 years.

T.Devillechabrolle, Technical DevOps Architect for the Vitam Program, Ministry of the Armed Forces

program increments (PI) planning

Kanban for Portfolio, Value Stream, Program and Team levels

Provide structure and visibility to support solid decision making in large agile organization.
From Portfolio to Team, nested Kanbans help you visualize and manage the flow of value to your customers.

Portfolio Kanban
Gantt chart


Visualize and communicate your near-term Plan of Intent. Roadmaps provide context around current and planned priorities to internal and external stakeholders.

Tracker workflow

Custom workflows for each level

Tuleap Trackers are versatile and highly granular, which means that you can customize Epics, Stories, Item types, workflows, permissions, and notifications.

Track all types of items and capture changes and updates along entire trains.

Agile Metrics & Dashboards

Working software is, of course, the primary measure of progress. However, Agile charts are agreed-upon measurements used to evaluate how well the organization and teams are progressing. With Tuleap Agile charts and reports, decision makers can track performance and alignment with business objectives in real time.


Continuous Delivery Pipeline with SAFe® DevOps

At the team level, Developers can take advantage of Tuleap’s integrated requirements management, development management, and QA & test management features. Tuleap automates the coding-versioning-build-test-release workflow within a single integrated environment. Tuleap can also connect to Eclipse, Git, Pull Request, Jenkins, and Tuleap Test Management to meet your business requirements.

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Communities of Practice

Share knowledge across your agile organization. Tuleap provides a secure, centralized document repository where teammates can publish best practices on a specific technical or business issue.


Mattermost IM connector allows Tuleap users to send daily updates on project progress and development pushes directly into their conversation channels.

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