Start the Agile journey: go at your own pace for a smooth transition

Do you know that according to a research, agile organizations finished projects on time 65% of the time versus 40% for non-agile companies? They also completed 75% of their goals, versus 56% for non-agile and even grew their revenue 37% faster!

Wherever you are in your Agile transition, Tuleap can help create an environment of continuous improvement and innovation that will position your organization to deliver customer value faster. With Tuleap, your teams will adopt proven Agile practices, step by step, at whatever pace you decide.

Tuleap is an enterprise solution that will support a natural transition to Agile by providing a single, unified environment with the flexibility to allow all-Agile, all-Waterfall, and blended approaches simultaneously.

Learn more about how the University of Grenoble succeedeed in its Agile transformation with Tuleap

How does Tuleap help transition to Agile Project Management?

Get everyone on the same page with a framework for collaboration across multi-skilled teams

Provide ready-to-use Agile tools that can be re-designed easily, by you, to you

Bring structure to automate your software development process

Facilitate smaller, regular and quality releases with continuous development tools as well as and continous integration and testing

Keep your teams on track with visual dashboards. Track progress and support continuous improvement

Make cross-functional team collaboration easier

One of the challenges companies face when adopting Agile is how to effectively break down silos and enable true cross-functional collaboration. With Tuleap, it is easy to create multidisciplinary teams that involve stakeholders from your business, design, software development, and IT operations functions.

Tuleap is designed for people with various backgrounds and responsibilities within the organization. It gives each team a shared workspace with high-level dashboards to track overall project progress, plus more technical dashboards and tools to meet individual users’ needs. 

With Tuleap, each member of each team retains full autonomy within a framework that facilitates collaboration, so that everyone works together to deliver end-to-end business value.

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Nina Reigner-Tayar

Tuleap is a highly effective lever that enable us to become more Agile.

Nina REIGNER-TAYAR, University of Grenoble Alps (UGA)
Testimony - success story UGA

Remember, Agile is more than just Scrum

You can’t make the switch to Agile overnight. If you have been working in a plan-driven environment for years, Agile methods will look and feel very different. As a result, your foray into the Agile world can take different forms. It’s up to you to choose the best tools for you. And then? To accompany this agile transformation, our experts are sharing 5 tips to ease the adoption of an agile tool within your organization.

kanban board

Kanban: Speed up and streamline flows

Kanban is designed to streamline a continuous flow of work. With a visual display of work in progress and bottlenecks, Kanban boards have the power to transform day-to-day tasks so that you can streamline your workflow and focus on what’s hot, whether you are in software development, IT, human resources, or sales. Tuleap Kanban boards are helpful and easy-to-use tools both Agile and non-Agile teams will appreciate.

But keep in mind that Kanban is about more than just moving cards from one column to another! Kanban is also much more than a basic to-do list like Trello.  And yet, many project management tools go no further, missing opportunities to boost efficiency. 

Scrum: Time-box flows to deliver essential value

Scrum is a framework for Agile project management that uses fixed-length iterations of work. Scrum is widely used by software and non-software development teams alike. Tuleap provides a unique set of features designed to make Scrum implementation painless. Highly-customizable Tuleap Scrum tools can be implemented easily at multiple levels of your organization, whether you are small team or a large enterprise.

  •  Simple drag and drop interface
  • Backlog management with fast prioritization 
  • Release & Sprint Planning with estimated effort and team capacity
  • Burnup, burndown, and velocity charts
  • Stand-up cardwall
  • On-the-fly Epic, Story, Task, and Subtask creation
  • Integrated with all Tuleap tools for end-to-end traceability
agile project management scrum method

A mixed Agile approach in a single project workspace

In actual practice, it is rare for an organization to use just one Agile approach. It is far more common to combine a variety of techniques. Tuleap lets you use Scrum schedules and Kanban boards together in a single project workspace.

Hybrid Waterfall-Agile for when all-Agile is not possible

For whatever reason, it may not be possible for your organization to implement all-Agile approaches. Tuleap supports a hybrid Agile approach that combines Agile concepts with non-Agile methods.

Get all of the Agile advantages of continuous development and testing

To reap the benefits of Agile software development, you need to be Agile through all phases of the software development lifecycle. Continuous development is an iterative software development process. It is an umbrella that encompasses several other methods including coding, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. 

Tuleap offers software teams an integrated development chain and provides a high level of integration with popular open source tools as Git, Jenkins or Gerrit as well as tools native to Tuleap.

Git, Review, CI

Try, measure, and improve to go towards Agility

Tuleap Agile tools will help your teams improve their workflows, day after day. With Tuleap, you can choose which tools to implement now, depending on where you are currently in your Agile transition and where you want to go. Tuleap provides reporting and metrics to support continuous improvement, helping you adapt to change and make data-driven decisions.

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Choose an agile future-proof solution that will support you today and tomorrow

If you are just getting started with Agile, you may be wondering whether it is wise to start with a “small” Agile tool, and then switch to a more complete solution later. The short answer is “not really.” If you begin your Agile transition with a simple Trello board, you will very rapidly bump up against the limitations of the tool. A good Agile tool should offer sufficient capabilities to allow you to continuously improve your Agile process. Tuleap lets you implement additional Agile tools as your organization becomes ready.

It’s time to go ahead

Is your organization thinking about transitioning to Agile? Or maybe some of your departments are already Agile, but not others? We can help you power up your agile transformation.