1. Mature and Enterprise proven

Tuleap unifies your product innovation efforts at enterprise-scale in the electronics, space, defense, automotive, medical and other software-driven industries. Our customers have achieved their objectives.

Tuleap is the ALM of the future. It will be the masterpiece of Airbus’ DevOps strategy.

N.Fanjeau, IT Services Tool Start-up Leader
enterprise agile planning tool

2. An all-in-one productivity solution for Agile and DevOps

Tuleap is the only all in one integrated Enterprise Agile and DevOps solution, capable of orchestrating everything from idea to software delivery. Tuleap enables teams to plan, track, code, and collaborate on software products from a single tool.

Tuleap has everything in one product. No need to go anywhere else. It’s tough to find a better tool than this which does so many things in one place.

A software developer on Capterra
open source software

3. No vendor lock-in with Open Source

Unlike multiple closed-source point solutions that require to spend more for licensing and maintenance while also incurring the costs of integration and the risks associated with vendor lock-in, Tuleap provides the best of both worlds : one single solution for Agile and DevOps with openness and freedom. More info about the top open source alternative to Jira.

Finally, we found with Tuleap a future-proof Open Source tool for Application Lifecycle Management.

PY Bretecher, Head of Software Engineering
fast roi software

4. Fast ROI

Tuleap administration is hassle-free, and license and maintenance fees are lower than with other solutions. Your teams will be happier and more productive. Your total cost of ownership will be lower and your return on investment faster.

Tuleap is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

S. Amadori, Solution Manager
customizable software

5. Extremely customizable

With Tuleap, change is easy. You don’t need advanced skills or custom development to make small changes or completely overhaul your workflow. Tuleap is designed to be redesign, for easy customization. You take back control to your workflow ; you can tailor your workspaces to your industry and your business objectives. The tool adapts to you, not the contrary.

You know the WYSIWYG? With Tuleap, “What you Want is What You Set.” Do you want a specific workflow? Just design it. in a few clicks. Done.

PY Colle, IT Program Manager
multi-profile teams collaboration

6. The way to keep multi-skilled teams in sync

Tuleap onboards RTE, BA, Project Managers, Developers, IT Ops, QA and Customers and turns them into multi-skilled teams.  Traditional-oriented people, agile newbies and ninja, come on board, you’ll have fun. Tuleap provides a single source of truth to keep everyone on the same page.

We’ve made 4 teams from 3 different ministries work together in Scrum of Scrum.

E.Laborde, Program Director
project management methods

7. Solve several challenges at once

Whether you are implementing Agile for the first time, scaling up with SAFe®, setting up DevOps, a Helpdesk or tackling ISO compliance with a rigorous QA (or all of the above) only Tuleap provides highly-flexible tools that can encompass a very large panel of processes. You can host multiple workspaces configured for different uses on a single platform.

end-to-end traceability

8. Effortless end-to-end traceability

Tuleap ensures gap-free traceability across the product development lifecycle, from the first ideas to deliveries. Only Tuleap can manage and link requirements back to code, tests, tasks, bugs, and documents. Effortless. Just focus on your job. Traceability is done automatically. Achieving compliance is easier.

We achieve 5 times faster our traceability from requirements to tests, for our defense projects.

R. Hiet, Project Design Authority
scalable agile project management tool

9. Scalable and robust for 20 up to 20,000 users

A single Tuleap platform can accommodate hundreds of projects and thousands of users. Our customers’ experiences in a wide range of industries are proof that Tuleap is scalable and robust.

Our Tuleap instance hosts 8.000 people and hundreds of different types of projects.

D. PILAT, IT Service Manager 
Tuleap support

10. A successful continuous improvement with Expert Support

On-premises or in the Cloud, with Tuleap you get much more than a software licence. You get a complete package that includes business services: expert advices with recommendations to help you progress and prompt answers to your technical questions so that you can stay on track.

With Tuleap, we get the best of both worlds: reliable business support and no vendor lock-in.

PY Bretecher, Head of Software Engineering Dpt

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