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Agile methods, Scrum

Agile approaches, Scrum, Kanban, Incremental Project Management, Advantages. Learn the methods, roles and tools.

Agile at Scale

Scaling agility is one of the Top Challenges for 2022 and the years to come in large organizations. What are the success factors? Where to start?


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) covers the entire lifecycle of a software product : from the idea, to planning, development & testing.

Software Quality

Quality Assurance, Test Management, Regulatory Compliance. This is how to deliver quality products to your customers.

Project Management

Project management is not that easy, and it can be even more challenging if you don’t use the appropriate tools. Here’s how to do.

Digital Transformation

Get started with an agile and digital transformation throughout your enterprise as to succeed in meeting all your customers’ needs in a fast-moving and increasingly competitive market!

Open Source

Open Source software have gradually become as much reliable, qualitative and secured as proprietary solutions. Since there are so many reasons to opt for an Open Source here’s a list of useful references. Just see for yourself!

Tuleap Integrations

Make the most of Tuleap’s high flexibility and versatility. In addition to all its features and native connectors, Tuleap allows you to benefit from even more integrations with other software solutions such as Jira, Jenkins, GitLab…

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Optimize your workflow with Tuleap Kanban

Focus on what is important. Discover the main features of Tuleap Kanban.

Deliver value faster with Tuleap Scrum

Discover the main features of Tuleap Scrum in this demo.

Scale Agile with SAFe® and Tuleap

Synchronize work of several teams with Tuleap Program Management.


Synchronize work of several teams with Tuleap Program Management.