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Tuleap 10.0 April 2018

This is a great event for the all Tuleap community: here is Tuleap 10!

So many things happened since Tuleap 9 that we thought that a quick recap was needed, if you did read carefully each of the 19 release notes since October 2016 and remember everything, you can go to What’s new since 9.19 to only get the fresh changes.

We take this occasion to warmly thank all the 24 contributors that made 10.0 as well as sponsor companies that drive the OpenRoadmap. They do help the dream to get an open source ALM tool come true.

With 114 user stories developed, 1100 requests solved, almost half a million lines of code added and 9000 files changes, it’s the most in-depth transformation of Tuleap since it’s inception.

Release headline

New Features

New UI

As you can see in all the screenshots here around, one of the most visible change in Tuleap 10.0 is the introduction of our new Design Framework (tlp) and theme “Burning Parrot”. It’s been introduced in various places: site administration, project administration, Scrum, Kanban, Test Management, Dashboards. The work is not complete yet and it will take time to convert everything but we are working hard on it, next candidates are Document Management and Git, stay tuned.

Multiple dashboards & new widgets

Display all dashboards on one page with the tabbed view selecting your favorite widgets that matter to you

Multiple dashboards & new widgets

The new heartbeat widget is a timeline to help you track the last updated items

Heartbeat widget

Agile: Scrum, Kanban or both

Scrum teams get 2 new charts to help them track project progress.

Burn up highlights gaps towards the final objective. Learn more

Velocity measures the pace at which a team get work done. Learn more

Burnup and velocity chart

Tracker Query Language (TQL)

Run advanced searches in Tuleap Issue Trackers. Much like SQL, TQL lets you create very specific queries, so you see only the artifacts that are relevant to your search. Learn more

TQL in action

Tuleap Test Management (TTM) (Tuleap Enterprise)

Test Management is now integrated in the whole software development lifecycle. You can manage manual and automated tests in one single tool. Learn more

Tuleap test management campaign

Query Multiple Trackers (Tuleap Enterprise)

With the new Cross-Tracker-Search feature, you can now query multiple trackers, multiple projects at the same time. Learn more

Cross tracker search query

Git Pull Request

Facilitate online code reviews with the new Git Pull Request plugin. Learn more

Pull request with one comment

Time tracking (Tuleap Enterprise)

Make easy for team members to report time they spent by issue. Learn more

Time tracking on a bug

Mattermost integration

Mattermost is an instant messaging, an open source Slack-alternative. With the two new connectors, people get notified when a push occurred in a Tuleap Git repository and receive a scrum stand-up summary. Learn more

Mattermost integration for git commits

Integration with up to 120 tools

Moving Github or Jira issues to Tuleap. Connect your Tuleap to Docker. This is now possible. Using the Tuleap Stackstorm pack, you can automate actions between Tuleap and up to 120 tools. Learn more

Stackstorm packs

Get the best of Tuleap and more with Tuleap Enterprise

Some of the features above are included under the Tuleap Enterprise subscription only, in addition to the guarantee of security and premium support by Enalean. With Tuleap Enterprise, you save money and time. Solving incidents by yourself does not save you money. Avoid the hidden costs of maintenance and disaster recovery. Learn more

To help you jump start with a reliable instance at the very outset, we designed two Starter Packs, including an on-prem installation, one year Tuleap Enterprise and more. Pricing

Tuleap Enterprise

Releases stats

What’s new since 9.19

This part of the release note covers the change between 9.19 and 10.0.


Agile Dashboard

Ease navigation in the Agile Dashboard from one milestone to another.

Smart breadcrumb

Bug fixed:


Tracker notification select list

Bug fixed:

Cross tracker search (tuleap enterprise)

Test managmeent (tuleap enterprise)

Bug fixed:

Cross tracker search query with people

Misc. features

Password policies


Framework and internals improvements

On the road to RHEL7

WARNING: RHEL/Centos7 is not suitable for production yet.

On the road to PHP7

Release stats

Validation scores

Tuleap 10.0 results

Bug fix



Project administration


Site administration

File release system

Project & User dashboard


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