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Test Management and Traceability
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Tuleap 10.1 May 2018



Filtered Kanban on Dashboard

When a kanban is added on a dashboard (either personal or project) it’s now possible to define a default filter associated to the widget itself.

If you are viewing a filtered kanban when you add it on a dashboard, the filter will be used but you can also change it (or set it) via the widget preferences.

It’s useful when you have several teams sharing the same kanban, you can have a field that allow to assign cards to teams and then each team has its own dashboard with cards already filtered.


It’s the beginning of a dedicated epic that will allow move artifacts from one tracker to another, possibly in another project.

As each tracker can be different in Tuleap, it’s been decided to limit the work on “semantic” fields as well as fields that are structurally always present (like submission date ou creator).

With this story it’s the base structure of the work that is in place so you will be able to move a few information.

Keep in mind that move is a destructive operation as everything beside id, title and description will be deleted. Hence this is controlled by the number of destructive actions site administrators allowed per 24 hours (like artifact deletion).

Bug fix


Improve coverage of “last_access_date” by taking into account git, svn and “proftpd” access. It’s allows to be more accurate when suspending accounts for not being used while users are only doing “non web” operations.

This information is now exported as CSV in site admin “All users” part.

Test management (Tuleap Enterprise only)

Development on the support of steps in TTM is underway, there is nothing usable yet. Stay tuned!

RHEL7 & CentOs7 support

It’s now possible to install Tuleap on RHEL7 or CentOs7, it’s in beta (you should not use it in production yet), it’s not complete (only listed plugins are supported) but we’d love to hear about your feedback on that.

Checkout the installation guide

Bug fix


Framework and internals improvements

On the road to PHP7

Releases stats

Validation scores

Tuleap 10.1 results

Bug fix



Site admin



Continuous Integration

Dynamic Credentials

Agile Dashboard


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