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Test Management and Traceability
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Tuleap 10.5 September 2018


The work started this summer on git continues and accelerates, pull requests are now completely “upgraded” to Burning Parrot. We also heard your feedback about the new git repository listing introduced in 10.3: browsing preferences are kept and more repositories are displayed by default.

Pull requests

Pull Requests goes Burning Parrot and get more than just a refresh:

See below the new overview page of pull requests with comments on the right so we better use page width on large screens.

New Pull Request home page

Brand new “side by side” diff, with support of switching back and forth between the 2 modes. This mode is brand new and there might be some glitches and limitations (like not being able to comment on non modified lines on the left hand side). We would love to hear your kind words about what you would like to see improved.

Diff side by side

Uni-diff is of course still there and was also improved to collapse by default the common parts of the files.

Diff uni-diff

Bugs and requests:


Git UI overhaul is still on going and we are getting closer to the “core” of the rework: the repository browsing itself. During this release we mainly worked on repository header (title, breadcrumb, URL selector, etc).

Burning Parrot header for git repository view

There are also a bunch of new REST APIs around git repositories: getting the list of branches, tags, the content of a file. We designed those APIs to be as close as possible to their github/gitlab equivalent so integrations with other tools will be easier to do:

Bugs and requests:

Test Management (Tuleap Enterprise)

Whenever you initialize a new project with TTM (either from template or by clicking “Start TTM” in project’s UI) you will have steps enabled by default.



When you’ve got trackers with select boxes with a large amount of values (think list users for instance) and you want a cardwall view of it, it becomes quickly unmanageable. Now, when you select only some of the values, those values will be used as columns instead of displaying tenth of columns that would be empty (because no selected values).

Cardwall columns aligned with selectbox filter

Bugs and requests:


RHEL and CentOS 7 targets are now considered stable and should be used by default on all new installations.


Mostly minor addition. The SOAP one will help admins to identify in advance people that are still using the deprected tracker v5 SOAP api before the complete removal in 10.6.


Tests and Continuous Integration

Front end

PHPWiki clean-up

On the road to PHP 7.2

Almost everything is ready for PHP 7.2 upgrade. There are only a few things missing:

PHP 7.2 conversion stats:

Vault Plugin

Releases stats

Validation scores

Tuleap 10.5 results

Bug fix


OpenID Connect

Project admin

Agile dashboard: Scrum and Kanban

Cross tracker search (Tuleap Enterprise)


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