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Tuleap 10.6 October 2018



Please welcome the new, awesome, shiny and lovely git repository browsing interface \o/

New Git Repository Home Page

That’s the end of a 3.5 months epic for getting a beautiful display of git repositories. All the parts of git repository browsing were updated (display of contents, diffs, list of commits, etc). The navigation was completely re-think so you might be loss or maybe we removed something that was terribly useful in your workflow, tell us about it !

There are too many changes to make an exhaustive tour of them, we selected bellow 3 of the most used screens.

The list of commits (history of the project):

List of commits

The detail of one commit with the diff of content:

One commit detail

Advanced selector to switch to a different tag or branch:

Branch tag selector

This work corresponds to following stories:

We also fixed a handful of bugs:

Git / Pull Requests

A new tab appears in the pull request view with the list of commits a PR is made of. If you plugged your repository with continuous integration you will see for each commit the status of the validation with CI badge on the right hand size.

Pull requests list of commits

Fixed bugs:


Starting 10.6 the new recommended way to access REST api is to use the new API keys that can be generated in each user account settings. The key is generated server side and displayed only once, then it’s usable directly in you requests without time limit. You can revoke keys at anytime. Keep them safe, they are as precious as your passwords.

Generate an API key to access REST API

API keys replace generation of tokens and avoid to have the 4 steps:

  1. access resource A
  2. get a 401
  3. generate a token
  4. access again resource A

This is replaced by:

  1. access resource A with X-Auth-AccessKey: foobared

Documentation was updated accordingly. Token based access will still be supported but is now marked as deprecated.

Introduction of REST end point for project manipulation, limited to project status at the moment to switch from active to suspended, back and forth.

This comes with a new site level permission “Project management via REST” that is required for the use of the previous route.

WARNING: this new permission is now mandatory to make use of POST /projects in order to create a new project with the REST API.

Project Certification (Tuleap Enterprise)

New plugin that allow to define one user amongst project admin as accountable for project security settings.

Updated project member widget


Plugins and events:

Dependencies upgrade:

Internal refactoring and clean-up:

On the road to PHP 7.2

Almost everything is ready for PHP 7.2 upgrade. There are only a few things missing:

Releases stats

Bug fix


Agile Dashboard

Create test env

Test Management (Tuleap Enterprise)


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