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Tuleap 11.0 April 2019

Hey, it's 11.0 release. We are leaving the 10.x series so it's time to look back on what we have done the last 12 months.

If you are already a Tuleap fan following closely the monthly releases, you can jump directly to the second part of the release note with only what's new since 10.11.

Otherwise, enjoy the read and update your platform!

New features


The most visible change is precisely… a visible change. The entire Git interface got a redesign. Not only to be closer to the defacto standard of GitHub (tree based view & co), but also to address usability and performance issues of the previous interface.

Git repository view

Pull Requests

Pull Requests also got redesigned and gain new features: side-by-side diff view, display of commits part of the Pull Request with Continuous Integration status, more underlying work on the storage of PRs and merge strategy definitions. More details.

Pull requests with side by side diff

Git Large File Storage (LFS)

Git LFS is now supported in standard to solve the issue of large file storage in Git. Tuleap provides a native implementation of LFS in Git and Pull Requests. More details.

Jenkins plugin

Integration with external tools is also better. We work collaboratively with the Orange team to release a dedicated Jenkins plugin for Tuleap “Organizations”.

Tuleap Jenkins Plugin

Documents - Under development (Tuleap Enterprise)

As for Git, we are working hard to provide a newest interface of the Document Manager. The work is not complete yet but the new interface had made considerable progress. Most users can safely rely on it for their day-to-day use.

New Document interface with upload in progress

The major changes, in addition to the whole new design, include the support of file drag’n drop, from the local machine to the server. Built on top of tus.io protocol, it allows to deal with very large files on flaky network quite easily because of the built-in support of upload resume.

The work will continue until the summer.

Agile Features

Visual management is made simpler with the ability to set a background color on cards. Background color is re-used everywhere a card is displayed : scrum cardwall, scrum planning, kanban board, tracker cardwall view. This is helpful in various use cases: identify what’s urgent, associate a color to a type of feature, distinguish the nature of actions, etc. It’s entirely in your hands to tailor it to your own needs. More details

Kanban with colors

Tuleap Test Management (Tuleap Enterprise)

Test definitions can now be split in several steps for better readability and ease to pinpoint where failures occur. More details

Test management with steps


As usual trackers got their load of continuous improvements. To name a few:

New workflow interface

Timetracking (Tuleap Enterprise)

Timetracking comes with 2 new widgets:

Discover all Timetracking features

Timetracking widgets

Cross-tracker search (Tuleap Enterprise)

In Tuleap 11.0 you can export Cross-tracker search results for a complementary usage in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice. Fields are exported using the duck-typing strategy to export as much information as possible. More details

CSV export of cross tracker in LibreOffice


Year-round there was a nearly invisible work (except the few bugs that popped here and there) to purge the code base from a huge technical debt. This purge has been done to move to a recent version of PHP (7.2) and to modernize the management of Tuleap external dependencies (using composer). This allowed to finalize the portage on RHEL7 and made the code base “future proof” for a rapid support of next PHP and RHEL versions.

Releases stats

Big shoutout to the 27 developers and doc editors that made the release:

Another big things to the 46 other people who took the time to report a bug in the meanwhile: alaney, auvraym, b2rn, benjamin_seed, catzilla, chewits, csousa, d00AK, droger, erick, gbonnefille, ggrelot, hammij, javerty, jod, joseph.guagenti, jpo38, julien.perochon, kirei, kmaccallum2000, lcharles, leewoc, lterekhov, matteo, maxkaha, mesulog, mherbst, mmehrwald, mmidy, m_mas, neehasa, nervov_fan, olivierd, pcar, s.lanigan.extel, sibio, sotola, sqad007, tcottier, terzino, teyssieuman, thoko, toben, vhemery, yaoxv, yurili, zbubric

What’s new since 10.11

Document Manager - Under development (Tuleap Enterprise)

The new Document Manager interface is now activated by default for the majority of projects.

In addition to this, you can now update all type of elements (new versions of wiki, links, files). For files the update can be done by drag’n drop from your local machine. You can drop either in the file list or on the “Quick look” pane on the right hand side.

Screencast of drag'n drop upload

Users can choose to switch back to the old interface if they prefer. We encourage people who switch back, to report us why they had to switch, so we can address the usability issues in a future release.

We also made the first steps of the documentation

Fixed bugs & requests:


Float fields now display only the meaningful 0 in all artifacts display.

Fixed bugs & requests:


You can upload files in the FRS with the REST API. This upload is consistent with what was done for Documents, using tus.io protocol to properly manage large file upload.

The documentation was updated to show an example of tus.io usage to upload files. We strongly recommend to convert your existing delivery mechanism (FTP, SCP, SOAP) to this new REST endpoint. The other methods are now deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Tuleap.


PHP 7.3 support

Backend framework

Tests and quality

Validation scores

Validation results 11.0

Bug fix




Archive deleted items

Site home page

User experience & design


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