Even in a troubled period as we are at the moment, Tuleap development team is completely operational and made great job, as usual.


Tracker creation made simple

After a first round for feedback in 11.12, it’s now time to activate by default the new interface as the rework is now completed. In addition to the new screens, there was a huge underlying work to clean and de-duplicate tracker templates across plugins.

At the end of the creation process, you will be redirected on the report screen with a congratulation pop-up window and the ability to go directly on the administration to finish tracker configuration.

This was the last story of a mini-series dedicated to new Tuleap tracker creation process:

Tuleap docker image (Tuleap Enterprise Edition only)

We’ve been using docker since 0.8 release and producing images since then. We’ve made a lot for development and tests and we’ve done production based on docker for the cloud Tuleap offer.

This is on top of these years of practice, that we built the Tuleap Enterprise Edition image. It’s designed to be run with or without an orchestrator (ie. Kubernetes, Swarm, etc) but with simplicity in mind. We chose not to break down Tuleap in pieces (e.g. one container per tool) because we know that for most cases it would have bring too much complexity for little gain.

Discover how to run your Tuleap in Docker.

Notify users about scheduled suspension

Tuleap has a gazillion of options for people management. For instance, you can configure your server to automatically suspend people that didn’t have an activity on the server after X days ($sys_suspend_inactive_accounts_delay in local.inc) or people that have not been member of a project after Y days ($sys_suspend_non_project_member_delay in local.inc).

But with a lot of people coming and going (and get their accounts suspended), it can be tedious for site administration to re-activate people again and again. So two new settings were introduced and inform users about this account suspension:

  • First you need to set, sys_suspend_send_account_suspension_email to 1 to enable the feature. Then users will receive an email mentioning the day their accounts get suspended.
  • In addition to that, if you set sys_suspend_inactive_accounts_notification_delay for instance to 10, Tuleap will send an email to users 10 days before their theoretical suspension date.

The feature is disabled by default and the new configuration settings can be set with tuleap config-set.

It’s a contribution made by Houssem Eddine Azzouz from STMicroelectronics. Thanks.

Bugs and requests

Below, some of the bugs and requests we fixed this month. The one we consider as important are put in bold. If you are looking for the full list of changes, go on Tuleap 11.13 release on Tuleap.net.


  • request #14646 Enable the use of padding when querying the Have I Been Pwned API
  • request #14634 Unix account of LDAP users that has not yet authenticated on Tuleap are not password protected

All platform

Site administration

  • request #14708 Disabling a plugin is not error prone
  • request #14701 (un)Restriction of resources for projects is not error prone
  • request #14678 A super user shouldn’t be able to go into restricted
  • request #14669 Sidebar in siteadmin should not be collapsable
  • request #14641 drop possibility to disable new document UI for specific projects
  • request #14635 Statistics get the old repository size when their is no repositories on SVN and Git


  • request #14633 Artifact title should be in page <title>
  • request #14704 Change the way to manage references to a deleted trackers
  • request #14691 Switching from Text to HTML format duplicates explanation line
  • request #14667 Misleading ‘network connection’ message
  • request #14618 Don’t search on null value in api REST get /tracker_reports/{id}/artifacts

Git & Gerrit

  • request #14689 Do not indicate there are open changes when trying to delete a repo that cannot be found
  • request #14688 Log exceptions when the Gerrit REST driver does not succeed to send a request

Continuous Integration

Project dashboards

  • request #14660 Can no longer add “Project Milestone” widget on a dashboard

Project creation

  • request #14645 Chosen template should be display in step 2 in new project creation
  • request #14684 Cannot create empty projects
  • request #14643 Optional project fields should not be present at project creation
  • request #14512 Trackers service should be activated in Kanban template

UX & Design


  • request #14673 cvssh and cvssh-restricted shells are not added to /etc/shells when CVS is configured

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