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Tuleap 11.2 June 2019



Edition capabilities enhanced

Simple but addictive, integrating images in artifacts has never been so easy. In any textarea or follow-up comment you can drag’n drop images or, even better, paste them directly into the text field.

Copy past of images in artifacts

This works in any “textarea” type of field (you can have as many as you need in your tracker) as well as follow-up comments but only in “Artifact” view at the moment. “Modals” will come in 11.3.

Behind the scenes it’s managed as a regular “Attachment” so you benefit of all the features related to this field (permissions, import/export, reports, etc). For instance, for the feature to work, you need to have an “Attachment” field defined in your tracker and this field must be writable. That means that if you do not want than anybody starts to put enormous duck pics in your precious artifacts, you just have to limit the “Can Update” permission of the attachment field to trusted users.

A new Workflow post action

Frozen field post action in workflow

As you can imagine given the 3 stories listed before, it was tough but it’s finally there: you can freeze fields as part of Tracker Workflow.

The primary use case is to make sure that values can no longer be modified when a given state is reached. For instance, you can freeze the “start date” field of a task when the work starts or a “Initial Budget Forecast” might not change along the project life, etc.

This feature is available as a new “Post Action” called “Frozen Fields” in tracker Workflow.

Workflow XML import/export

The “Simple mode” for workflow is the new default mode. It was not possible to export/import in XML format. It’s now fixed and the format is described in documentation

Easy switch between tracker and Kanban

You do multiple back and forth between tracker and kanban? You will save time with the new shortcut available in the breadcrumb. The shortcut to the corresponding item in “the other world” is available in the breadcrumb.

Switch back and forth between tracker and kanban


A couple of bugs and performance improvements in trackers:

File Release System

FRS REST API is now almost complete as you can create and get all resources. Only deletion is not already part of the API. Stay tuned!

Document manager

Most of the work on Document Manager was done under the hood during this release but there are a couple of bugs that were fixed (see below).

The most important change for site administrators to know is that the max size defined for documents is now enforced everywhere (web, drag’n drop, REST, SOAP, Webdav). Until now, Webdav had a specific value, it’s no longer used.


Releases stats

Bug fix



Project administration


Vault Plugin


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