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Tuleap 11.4 July 2019


Documents (Tuleap Enterprise)

Cut, Copy and paste

The new Document manager is now able to manage cut, copy & paste operations.

Might be a detail but fancy, the cut/copy information works across browser’s tabs. It means that if you copy in one tab you can paste in another one without having to reload the page. The copy/cut information is also kept if you reload the page anyway.

A folder about to be paste

Embedded documents

On large screens, embedded documents might be difficult to read on very long lines. You can now choose to reduce the width of the display. It’s a user preference that will be kept document per document.

Choose display of embedded documents

Properties edition

Document comes with a set of properties that are pre-defined (aka hardcoded metadata):

Those properties can be modified with the new Document interface:

Edit properties of a document

Please note that folders can hold default values for those properties (or even apply recursively values to existing documents!). This part is also covered:

Edit properties of a folder

Fixed bugs and requests on Document and docman


The story is still under development and it’s not yet possible to change the time frame definition. However the underlying work is already there, it means that a new semantic was developed and the definition of the timeframe used by agile dashboard milestones, burn-up, burn-down and velocity chars no longer depends on hardcoded fields.

You get access to this new semantic in the Semantic tab of tracker administration:

Timeframe semantic

Fixed bugs and requests on trackers

Project Administration - Users and groups

Project members management

Management of users and groups is powerful in Tuleap but might be complex to grab in some situations due to historical purpose. For instance, until 11.4 you could add a user to a given user group in your private project and this user was not able to access the project itself because you forgot to add him as member of the project.

This behaviour is gone and now private projects have a synchronous management of project members. It means that whenever you add someone in a user group, she will be added automatically as project member. If the private project forbids restricted users, the check will be done at user group level as well.

For public project, project admins have to enable “synchronous project members management” option to get the same behaviour. The default behaviours remains: project admins have to explicitly add users as project members.

The documentation was updated with the complete description of the new behaviour

Fixed bugs and requests on project admin


Dev tools and tests

Coding standard enforcement and static analysis

Releases stats


Tuleap 11.4 Validation Scores

Bug fix

PHP 7.3 support

System Event Management

Project creation


Project Sidebar


Tracker v3





PHP 7.4 support

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