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Tuleap 11.5 August 2019


Test Management (Tuleap Enterprise)

Steps allow to easily decompose test definitions and to make them easier to read and execute. It’s now possible to add a new step at any place in your flow (previously it was only at the end). In addition to that, it’s possible to delete any step or even to change steps order.

Re ordering of steps in TTM

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New Document Manager (Tuleap Enterprise)

One step closer to final release, all the kind of project defined properties for documents are now taken into account in the new interface, at document creation as well as update.

Custom properties in Document

Same for permissions, it’s possible to manage the permissions for new or existing documents.

Permissions on Documents

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It’s now possible to choose how you want to define your time periods applicable on artifact graphs (burn-down, burn-up) or on Scrum milestones. You can either go with:

In both cases, it’s a matter of configuration in Tracker administration with the new “Timeframe semantic” as you can see on this screenshot:

Timeframe semantic

For new comers it means that, whatever time period definition you prefer, you can choose any field in you tracker structure to hold this data. For old times, it means that one more “Tuleap black magic configuration” is gone because the graphs and milestones no longer depends on hardcoded field names.

In both cases, the time period is computed the same way, by excluding the week-end (arbitrary defined on saturday and sunday):

When would you like to choose one method vs. the other ?

That’s a tiny change but worth to highlight. In order to make tracker reports a bit more user friendly for people that are not comfortable with Tuleap terms, the “Create new artifact” action is now “Create new ". See on screenshot:

Tracker create new

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Project Administration

A very powerful -yet not widely know- integration feature of Tuleap is the ability to customize any project sidebar to add links to external services. This feature got a lifting and an nice improvement with the ability to associate an arbitrary icon associated to this link, as well as being able to decide if this link should replace the current page or open in a new tab.

Custom services with icons

The icons are provided by Font Awesome (v4.7 ATM) so you have a library of ~600 icons available.

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Bugs and requests


Libraries and versions bump

Coding rules enforcement


Build system


Releases stats

Bug fix


Background notifications

Agile Dashboard

Git & Pull requests





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