Project Banner

The new Project Banner feature is a way for a project administrator to widely inform project members with a custom message. It is displayed wherever teammates are in the project area. This feature is also known as MOTD (Message Of The Day).

project banner
New Project Banner

The message is defined by the project administrators and is customizable by project. Users have the possibility to hide the message once read. However the banner will be displayed again when the message is updated.

It’s also possible to automate the display of the Project Banner as the message is available as a REST end point.

Tracker Administration

Tracker Administration has been simplified. It highlights the most frequently used settings: fields usage, semantics, permissions, workflow and notifications.

New tracker administration navigation
Tracker administration navigation

Homepage statistics

The site homepage displays 3 new statistics:

  • the total number of documents on the Tuleap platform
  • the total number of cards in all kanban boards
  • the total number of project milestones
Tuleap Homepage with statistics
a Tuleap homepage with statistics

Tuleap Backend Monitoring (Enterprise Edition only)

With Tuleap 11.7, platform administrators are getting more insights about the execution of “Worker” events (like emails sent by trackers) or “System Events” (various creation, git activities, etc).

A new dashboard can be published to Tuleap Enterprise administrators that leverage the new metrics.

Bug fixes and requests

A bunch of issues where fixed in the processing of Tuleap Backend Workers. Upgrade should be transparent. The major change system administrator should be aware is that Backend Workers are now controlled (start/stop/restart) by a dedicated system (tuleap worker:supervisor on RHEL/CentOS6 or dedicated systemd unit on RHEL/CentOS7).

  • request #13987 Cannot stop httpd due to tuleap worker
  • request #13962 Tuleap workers are not started properly by Tuleap backend
  • request #13896 Workers message processing are delayed
  • request #13893 Worker can not reconnect to a password protected Redis when the socket timeout is reached
Default metrics
Default metrics
Backend metrics

Major Bugs and requests


  • request #14002 Upgrade vue-gettext dependency to 2.1.5
  • request #13992 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.6


  • request #13852 OpenList field is cleared during a mass change