Sidebar redesign, the last goodbye to ForgeUpgrade, Project Creation API and more. Check out Tuleap 12.11 release note to find out what’s new in Tuleap!

Sidebar redesign

In order to prepare some features that we will unveil in September (stay tuned!), there was a slight redesign of the side bar. Nothing big, but a few changes to keep in mind:

  • For project administrators, the admin access is no longer a service, it’s now the small cog at the right of the project name.
  • Project metadata such as visibility or project flags are displayed between project name and tools
  • Services are now grouped in a “Tools” subsection. You can still define the order and add your own tools.
Redesigned sidebar
Redesigned sidebar

Site banner with expiration time

Sometimes you put announcements out to the world, but they are not meant to last forever. Other times, you forget to remove the information about the server programmed downtime. It will no longer be the case as you can now set an expiration date to site banners, so it will disappear automatically.

Configure expiration date for site banner
Configure expiration date for site banner

Keep track of unsafe browsers usage

When users are using a version of their browser that is no longer supported, they put your entire company at risk. To some extends, we could also argue that there is no point for us to fix vulnerabilities when it’s far easier for an attacker to exploit the widely known vulnerabilities of old browsers.

Earlier this year, after having finally managed to get rid of IE11 & Edge Legacy, we defined a clear deprecation policy for browsers. As a reminder, with Tuleap 13.0 (mid-September 2021) it will no longer be possible to access a Tuleap with Chrome (or Edge Chromium) < 87 and Firefox < 78.1.

In order to keep track of this target, we added a dedicated widget for site administrator that give a sense of the amount of people that will be impacted by 13.0 update.

Monitoring of browsers used to access your Tuleap instance
Monitoring of browsers used to access your Tuleap instance

ForgeUpgrade is gone

Big change that should -hopefully- get unnoticed to most of users and administrators. ForgeUpgrade is the tool that manage the database migrations (adding new tables, indices, etc) and that powers the Tuleap upgrade system since 10 years (and still allows to migrate 5 years of missed upgrades in one run).

For maintenance reasons, its no longer an external tool and was imported in Tuleap code base. This decrease the maintenance burden for Tuleap developers but also benefit to site administrators:

  • There is no longer specific configuration (no longer warning about some paths not being configured)
  • As we can pinpoint where the migration scripts are, the operations are way faster (esp. at site administration page load)
  • The forgeupgrade command call is no longer needed. It’s not covered by the tuleap-cfg site-deploy command. The update sequence is now reduced to 4 commands.

Project creation API

It was already possible to create Tuleap projects with the REST API. This is useful when your organization has strict rules about who is allowed to create projects and you need to verify things before moving forward. There is a new option to check the validate the consistency of the payload (permission of user, availability of the selected name, validity of the template, etc) before flight.

Check API explorer for all details.

PHP 8.0 initial support

Again, this should be mostly unnoticeable to anyone but the development team. Support of PHP 8.0 started and all background jobs (system events, workers) will now run with PHP 8.0 runtime. Upgrade from PHP 7.4 seems easier than initially planned, so you can expect a full migration sooner than initially announced (probably in September instead of the end of the year).

Bugs and Requests

There were 49 bugs fixed and requests implemented during 12.11 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already backported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a selection of the most notable fixes.

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