What you need, we provide (or at least we try our best to). On the menu this month: further Tuleap-Jira integration, new Markdown text in Tuleap Trackers and Tuleap Test Management keyboard navigation upgrade.
Here’s the full on details about what’s new in Tuleap. 12.6

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Import entire projects from Jira to Tuleap

As an Open Source software provider, feedbacks are important in the way we think of/develop our product. And for what we’ve heard and seen, more than before, companies are trying to get out of the vendor lock in trap.

To participate in this mission, we had already made it possible to import a single Jira issue type as a Tuleap tracker. But when the news popped up, we figured it was time to go even further in our Tuleap-Jira integration. Our goal is to ease the changing process for teams/companies that are trying to move out from Jira, or at least which are working with both Jira and Tuleap. With Tuleap 12.6, you can now import entire Jira projects to Tuleap.

How does it work?

tuleap import-project:from-jira 
    --jira-host JIRA_HOST
    --jira-user JIRA_USER
    --tuleap-user TULEAP_USER_LOGIN

What does this command?

Once it fetched all the data out of Jira REST APIs, it will create a new Tuleap project with the given Tuleap user as administrator. Unlike regular project creation mode, it will be filled with data extracted from Jira:

  • All issue types are imported with the issues, the comments, the changes and the users
  • The link between issues (linked issues, subtasks, epics)
  • The worklog on issues are converted as timetracking
  • Sprints are imported as well as the Scrum configuration

What does it look like?

All content in Jira Boards…

Jira Board with some contents

… are fully imported in Tuleap Taskboard

All content in Jira backlogs…

Jira backlog

… are fully imported in Tuleap Backlog

NB: while the import of a single Jira issue type is a Tuleap Community Edition feature, the import of the complete project is only available in Tuleap Enterprise Edition

Tuleap Trackers: write texts in Markdown

To write text, Tuleap Trackers already support plain text as well as HTML. With Tuleap 12.6, there is now a 3rd option available: “Markdown”. Markdown is nowadays probably the most known markup language, and it comes with many flavors (i.e. variations in the syntax). The flavor Tuleap supports is CommonMark.

As of today, Markdown is supported in tracker text fields, comments, test steps and test executions results. Users that choose to write a text in Markdown will have a little ❓ “help button” with markup cheat-sheet. For non-markup-ninjas, we’ll provide a preview of the rendered text in the next release. Also, the “Text” format for comments will be replaced in favor of “Markdown”.

A markdown field
Usage of markdown in a text field

Tuleap Test Management: keyboard navigation upgrade

After doing the job in our Tuleap Document feature, keyboard shortcuts are now available in Tuleap Test Management. Pass tests, comments, navigate, select tests in campaigns without touching your mouse.

How to use it?

Type ? on any Tuleap Test Management page and feel the power of the keystrokes!

Tuleap Test Management shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts to speed up your test campaigns

Say goodbye to Lab mode 👋

Some of you might recall the “Lab mode”. It was an option in user preferences to have access to “advanced” or “not ready for prime time” features. No new features entered in lab mode since -at least- 3 years. Nowadays, the progressive roll-out of features is either controlled by “Feature Flags” that can be toggled by site administrators or with “Restrict per projects” features. Having three different types of feature flipping was a source of bugs and a burden of maintenance. So, it’s gone.

Bugs and requests

There were 77 bugs fixed and requests implemented during 12.6 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back port on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a selection of the most notable fixes.


  • request #19386 Missing CSRF protection in the “remove yourself from a project” action

Test management


  • request #19320 Be able to select an artifact parent at artifact update
  • request #19319 Artifact children created by modal v2 does not have parent/child relationship

System & site wide

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