This one’s a release for all teams: native support of Tuleap Pull Requests in Jenkins for DevOps, capture test execution evidence, and better chatbot for easier communication between team members. Let’s dig into it!

Test execution evidences

When the product you are working on must comply with regulations (ISO 13485, ISO 26262, SOX, etc) the quality assurance plan is key. And not only do you need to have a test plan, but you also must provide evidence that tests were executed, and the expected result was met.

Tuleap Test Management now allows to better capture test execution output, especially when tests last a long time. You can upload execution evidence (print screen, log files, software output, etc) as you go. Mark the test as paused with “Blocked” if you need to wait for a piece of equipment to generate an output or if the test is time-based.

And finally, you can tide up the comment at the end of the execution, so the result is in the best possible form to be audited.

Put a test in pause and attach files
Put a test in pause and attach files
Drag’n drop & comments in expanded mode

Themes update and refresh

You will notice that the look’n feel of Tuleap changed a bit. Some changes are quite visible, as the new theme colors; some are more subtle, like all illustrations on empty states & all were homogenized; and some are in between, like rendering of the tabs.

Changes were driven by UX as well as UI needs. For instance, the theme colors were updated to have a better contrast so people that suffer from visual deficiencies better distinguish the texts and the various parts of the application. Changes on tabs on the other end are more to be in line with modern UI trends.

Chatbot at project level

It was already possible to define site-wide bots to send notifications to chat systems like Slack, or Mattermost. It’s now possible for a project to reference its own bots (incoming webhooks) that will be visible only at project level.

The notification features remained unchanged between site-wide bots and project-level bots, that is to say, git and agile dashboard notifications.

Add a chat bot a project level
Add a chatbot at project level

Minimal versions of Firefox, Chrome & Edge

In order to keep the generated assets at a reasonable size, so up-to-date browsers are not penalized by people/companies that don’t upgrade their browsers, we update the minimal compatible version of the browser from time to time. As for Tuleap 13.1 and as announced since spring, the minimal version is now Chrome/Edge 87 and Firefox ESR 78.1. Keep in mind that those versions are already very old. The support of chrome/edge 87 is already discontinued and the support of Firefox 78.1 ends in November. Please, upgrade!

Bugs and Requests

There were 53 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 13.1 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a selection of the most notable fixes.




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