Extension of Traceability Matrix in TTM™, display of all requirements at test level, Git and MediaWiki updates, and more. See for yourself what’s up in Tuleap 13.5 in the release note below.

Extension of Traceability Matrix exports in Tuleap Test Management™

Since Tuleap 13.4, you can export Test Plan information in an external document from the Scrum Agile Dashboard with the Traceability Matrix feature. Tuleap 13.5 now allows you to export Test Campaign directly from Tuleap Test Management™ (see screenshots below).
NB: only available for projects using the integration between Scrum and TTM™

Export a test campaign as docx
Export a test campaign as a document from TTM

How does it work?

Both features are very close. Exporting a campaign will generate a Word document (OOXML aka .docx) with:

  • A cover page that recap the campaign main information,
  • The table of contents,
  • The Traceability Matrix – generated out of requirements that are “Covered by” tests in the campaign,
  • Backlog – the list of requirements covered by the tests,
  • Tests – the list of test cases with their status.
Exported document: cover page
Exported document: cover page
Exported document: traceability matrix
Exported document: traceability matrix
Exported document: backlog
Exported document: backlog
Exported document, a test case
Exported document: test case

Display of multiple requirements at Test level

Technically speaking, the ability to cover a given requirement by a test case was there since day one. In Test Plan, the status of tests is properly taken into account in the computation of requirement coverage. Until now, at test level, only one of the requirements was displayed. In Tuleap 13.5, all requirements are now displayed.

A test case that covers two user stories
A test case that covers two user stories

Even better, we took the opportunity to improve the display of bugs, and also situations when there are a lot of links to display.

Wrap when there are more than two links
Wrap when there are more than two links

From now on, .docx exports also take into account the coverage for the generation of the traceability matrix.

Campaign .docx export with a test covering two requirements
Campaign .docx export with a test covering 2 requirements

Git update to 2.34

Nix Packages collection inside

Tuleap relies on RHEL/CentOS stack to have a stable and well-maintained base. But that stability comes with a price: packages from the base system will not be updated except for fix and security issues. There are some packages that are critical for us to be recent. The most important here is PHP that comes from remi repo. But git is also critical for us, and until now we were relying on Software Collections. But as the collection for git is no longer actively maintained, we were stuck to 2.18 (released in June 2018).

In order to be able to provide more recent features (like the activation of v2 Protocol), we needed a way to ship a more recent version of git.

For approximately 6 months, we heavily invested in NixOS technology with the primary objective to have fully reproducible builds. Thanks to Nix, we were able to get rid of the old “stable” package repository for three out of three -unsigned- packages like Mailman or MediaWiki.

Considering this solid prior work and the incredible base of amazingly well maintained packages provided by Nix project, we decided to go this way for git as well. So starting 13.5, Tuleap comes with a tuleap-git rpm (in version 2.34.1) that ships a statically build git. It also means that Protocol v2 is activated by default for clone over https.

Community contribution

Kubernetes HelmChart (beta)

Guilhem Bonnefille from CS Group released the v0.2.0 of his Kubernetes HelmChart for Tuleap. A Helm Chart is a recipe to deploy applications on a Kubernetes cluster. This version is the first one that is considered stable enough to be tested.

Feel free to give it a try and contribute on their GitHub repository.

WIP on MediaWiki plugin for Tuleap

New Tuleap SideBar WebComponent

As part of the underlying work to bring a recent version of MediaWiki to Tuleap, we released our very first WebComponent: Tuleap project sidebar on npmjs.

A bit of background here to get the big picture:

The future Mediawiki plugin for Tuleap will actually be a standalone MediaWiki (not a horrible hack where MW and Tuleap code are melted like now). But in order to have a look as close as possible to all other Tuleap services (Tuleap Trackers, Tuleap Git, etc.) we wanted to keep the project sidebar. WebComponents are a neat solution for that because it allows us to ship a standalone element that can be integrated anywhere with little work.

Here’s a quick sample of a possible integration:

HTML code of a basic app that uses the Sidebar WebComponent
HTML code of a basic app that uses the Sidebar WebComponent
Rendered Sidebar WebComponent
Rendered Sidebar WebComponent

Bugs and Requests

There were 53 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 13.5 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a selection of the most notable fixes.


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