For Tuleap 13.9 release note, we decided to put the focus on Artifact Links in Modal as to show you all the work and developments in progress to optimize user experience. Also, let’s go through the enhancements for this month’s release in Tuleap 13.9!

Make links manipulation easier in Artifact Modal

The artifact modal is what you are using to modify an artifact when you are not in the tracker (Planning, Kanban, Test Management, …). Until now the artifact links where barely usable as it was just a list of ids.

Artifact links are very powerful tools and their usage skyrocketed in the past few years. We are in the process of a deep overhaul of the user experience with artifact links and the modal was a good place to start. Indeed, as the previous state was rather limited, there are, almost, no risks to change it. It will be another story when those changes will have to be applied to the Artifact View 🥶.

So what’s new ?

Display of artifact links in modal
Display of artifact links in modal

First of all, all the links are displayed. Whether it’s a link from the current artifact towards others (in the above screenshot you can see that there is a link from bug #201 towards test_case #202) or if it’s a reverse link (in the same screenshot, there is a link from rel #191 to bug #201). We know that the concept of link direction is quite difficult to grasp and one of the goal of the Artifact Links Overhaul is to mask it as much as possible. The first version we have here released represents one step towards this goal (or maybe it’s a reverse link from the final goal to it 🤔🤕).

Then, in terms of modifications, it’s possible to add links with their ids (as it was already possible) and also with a list of possible parents (which was already there in a dedicated list) when the link type “Parent” is selected.

Links to parent with a list of suggestions
Links to parent with a list of suggestions

Bugs and requests

There were 52 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 13.9 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a selection of the most notable fixes.









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