New year’s just around the corner. For the last release of 2022, see the gifts our R&D team has dropped under the Christmas tree for you 🎄: full integration with OnlyOffice, Artifact Modal optimization to make search and links easier among artifacts, improvements at Pull Request level for threads of comments and links… check out the release note of Tuleap 14.3

ONLYOFFICE integration completed

After being able to read documents (14.0), to write them (14.2) it’s now time to create them.

The creation of documents has been redesigned. In previous versions of Tuleap, the selection of the document type was inside the creation modal window. Starting 14.3, the creation dropdown shows all document types.

With the creation of ONLYOFFICE documents, the integration is now complete.

New document with ONLYOFFICE files
New document with ONLYOFFICE files

Link artifacts easily in artifact modal

Until now, when you were adding a new artifact link in the modal (kanban, scrum, test management) it was a bit cumbersome because you had to know the id of the artifact you wanted to link. Good news, it’s not longer mandatory!

When you link an artifact, Tuleap will show you the recent artifacts you have consulted (chances are that you saw the artifact you want to link recently).

When linking an artifact, the list of recently viewed artifact is displayed
When linking an artifact, the list of recently viewed artifact is displayed

But that’s not all, you can also start typing something and it will automatically search using the full text search capabilities we recently introduced.

Search for artifacts in artifact links drop down
Search for artifacts in artifact links dropdown

The search in the dropdown works the same way as in the Switch To menu. As you can see in the previous screenshot, the results are not limited to search on the title. Please note that the search feature will only be available if the full text search plugin is activated.

Pull requests thread of comments and links

Thread of comments now have color to help distinguish one from another.

Color in thread of comments
Color in thread of comments

The color will appear with the first answer and they are assigned randomly.

In addition to that, when one click on file name to see the code associated to the comment, the link points toward the line instead of the beginning of the file.

MySQL 8.0 support

While MySQL 5.7 is still supported, it’s now possible to use MySQL 8.0. All new installations should go with 8.0. Keep in mind that 5.7 support ends in October 2023 (in 10 months) plan your migrations accordingly.

Bugs and requests

There were 33 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 14.3 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #29642 Project “homepage” does not correctly verify permissions – CVE-2022-46160 – CVSSv3.1 score: 4.3 (Medium)
  • #29645 MediaWiki standalone readers can also edit pages – CVE-2022-23473 – CVSSv3.1 score: 4.3 (Medium)


  • #29632 Pagination max limit is not enforced on REST endpoint artifacts/:id/changesets
  • #29631 REST endpoint artifacts/:id/changesets is slow when many changesets exist
  • #29626 Artifact with no global rank is not displayed in artifact links
  • #29616 Move artifact must process synchronous deletion
  • #29610 Importing artifact CSV content with datetimes using – throw a PHP fatal error


  • #29617 Avoid hard crashes when browsing to a Git repository with an invalid reference
  • #29608 Let Git commands failures exceptions be logged

Test Management

  • #29599 Reorder of TTM steps is broken
  • #29967 TestManagement template files are absent in production deployment

MediaWiki Standalone

  • #29615 Forbid MediaWiki admin to create user accounts
  • #28299 Absolute links opens a new tab


  • #29649 Docker image should have a way to declare the exposed SSH port
  • #29606 GMT is not listed in available user timezones
  • #29633 Meilisearch: 0.29.2 -> 0.30.0

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