Exciting news as we resume work on Cross Tracker Search in Tuleap. This feature is set to revolutionize project management, laying the groundwork for SuperTableau and SuperKanban. With our unique approach inspired by Python’s “duck typing,” searching across diverse tracker structures becomes seamless. Plus, in our latest release, we’ve enhanced pull request filters and fixed some bugs, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Quack your hands, Cross Tracker Search is back 🦆

First and foremost, we have resumed the work on Cross Tracker Search and it will be awesome. It will be the root of two major features of the year: SuperTableau and SuperKanban. We are going to blog on the roadmap soon, stay tuned !

Why searching across multiple trackers isn’t already there you might wonder.

Well, it’s not that simple actually.

One of the strength of Tuleap Trackers is their ability to be fully customized without platform privileges. The way you have to describe bugs doesn’t have to be the same than all other teams in the company. Similarly, it would make a lot of sense to have the same structure for capturing a user story for a team of three that just discovered Scrum and a team of twelve that does Scrum for years.

That’s all fun and games until someone wants to search over those different structures. How do I search if Team A decided that the title of their bugs is in a field called “Title” and Team B decided that it would be “Summary” ?

Actually, this one is already solved, we have “Semantics” for that (and in that case it’s Title semantic) and it’s already possible to run searches based on Semantics. However we cannot define semantics for everything, it would be tedious.

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck

That’s a concept borrowed to Python programming language. In our context it could be rephrased “if those fields have the same name and a compatible type, then it must be the same”.

Let’s go back to our two bug trackers, if both of them have a “Acknowledged date” field that is of type “date time”, we can reasonably assume that we can issue a search like acknowledged_date >= NOW() - 1 week to get what was acknowledged during the last week.

You got the bases of the concept, in details, what do we consider compatible types ?

  • All numerics
  • All lists with same bind type (eg a select box with static values and check box with static values) including open lists
  • String and text fields
  • Date
  • Date time (to be clear: date and date time are not compatible types)

The following steps for cross tracker search will be the ability to apply queries on group of trackers (for instance “all trackers of this project” or “all trackers from those project whose name is request”) and to select the columns to be displayed. Watch this space !

More filters for pull requests

After introduction of the new pull request home page in the previous release, we added a few more filters:

  • Related to me: shows Pull Requests where you are a reviewer or an author
  • Target branch: shows Pull Requests where the selected branch is a target for the PR
  • Reviewer: shows Pull Requests where the selected person is reviewer

Pull requests source repository

When a developer does a pull request from a fork, the source repository is now displayed in addition to the branch.

Bugs and requests

There were 47 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 15.7 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #37201 Open values are lost during artifact move
  • #37215 Jira tracker import is broken without enterprise plugin
  • #37184 User group binding ids can be confused with None value
  • #36834 Tracker_WorkflowUser must be able to see all artifacts


  • #36845 The Current Date Marker on the Road Map is off by 1 Month

Test Management

  • #36867 Test execution is not updated when using step buttons


  • #36805 Kanban item not found when creating a card in Kanban


  • #36886 Backlog is not only scrum


  • #37207 Cannot retrieve Document file versions if there are more than 100

Git & Pull Requests

  • #37189 Wrong redirection to pull-request homepage

Full text search

  • #37200 Fulltext indexation in error due to transaction

Site & system administration

  • #37196 Display OIDC providers used by a user in site administration user page
  • #36858 Make sure existing SSHd host keys have the proper owner/permissions
  • #36885 Tuleap functions can be restricted per project
  • #36866 Site admin users are not expected to be able to checkout a SVN repository of a suspended project

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