Tuleap’s May release introduces seamless project imports and enhanced cross-tracker searches. Simplify project setup and enjoy smoother navigation with improved search functionality. Dive into the latest features for a more efficient Tuleap experience!

Create projects from an external template

Templates are a convenient way to customize Tuleap to an organization need. For instance, your flavor of Scrum is different of mine and it’s different from the one shipped by Tuleap. When a template is organization centric this is all fine because everything can stay on the same server. However when the template is business centric, like an ASPICE template for automotive industry or a Medical Device template for medtech companies, it makes sense to exchange & share those templates across platforms.

Create projects from an external template just brings that: anyone who can create a project can do it from a template archive (an XML file in a zip shell).

Keep in mind that templates only covers project structure, no data should be part of the archive. Such an archive can be obtained from any project with Project XML export feature.

Create new project from a template archive screen
Create a new project from a template archive

Please note that it was already possible to do that in CLI with the import/export tooling but it required a sysadmin intervention on the server. It is, of course, still possible to import in CLI and it’s possible to import thru the web UI too.

When doing an import from a template archive the process is slightly different from the regular templates. As templates might be large, the processing is done asynchronously. Project creators get notified by email when the process failed.

Cross tracker search consistency

With the introduction of duck-typed searches in previous release, we slightly changed the way of performing search. Initially, with semantic searches (such as @status = OPEN()) we were doing thorough checks upfront to ensure tracker consistency before running the query. All tracker should have a status semantic defined and be readable to be able to run the query.

With duck-typed searches (such as category = "database"), the same kind of checks are performed but, instead of refusing to run the query until everything is perfectly defined, we decided to eliminate the trackers that didn’t have the appropriate structure. In this case if three trackers are selected for the search but one of them doesn’t have a category field, this tracker is ignored and search is done on the two others.

In Tuleap 15.8, we aligned the search behavior on duck-typed searches. That means that @status = OPEN() will return results even if some trackers doesn’t have a status semantic.

Cross tracker search on artifact ids

Artifact ID is part of “always there fields” but was not available as a search term. It’s now possible to run queries like @id IN (342, 564).

Bugs and requests

There were 32 bugs fixed and requests implemented during the 15.8 release cycle. Bugs and security fixes were already back-ported on Tuleap Enterprise builds. You will find below a detailed list of fixes. The most notable ones are in bold.


  • #37545 Deleting or moving an artifact can delete values from unrelated artifacts – CVE-2024-30246 – 7.1 High


  • #37590 XLSX export crashes when renderer has no columns or rows to display
  • #37588 Cannot delete an artifact using the UI containing a burnup field


  • #37562 Git: 2.43.0 -> 2.44.0

MediaWiki (Standalone)

  • #35807 MediaWiki Standalone links have an extra right padding
  • #37205 Modal for adding a file in Wisiwyg editor is bellow sidebar

Site & system administration

  • #37566 Support the async event queue using the DB instead of Redis
  • #37584 Meilisearch: 1.7.0 -> 1.7.6
  • #37568 Do not create FRS data dir in the packaging
  • #31530 el9 complains about /var/run usage
  • #37555 Unexpected ordering of forge upgrade buckets
  • #37551 Document file without any versions must be well exported in XML

Typos & translation errors

  • #37599 Mistake in french translation of Other comments project field
  • #37596 Fix some french translation in Tracker email administration
  • #37579 Typo in french translations in Program Management
  • #37210 Improve timeframe error message

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