If you are upgrading, Tuleap no longer support PHP 5.3. You need to switch to [PHP 5.6]({{ site.data.contact.uri.tuleap_doc.uri }}/administration-guide/run-php56.html) NOW.


Agile Dashboard

December and January were busy for both back-end and front-end devs to bring a wonderful new graph in trackers and agile dashboard: Burn Up chart.

Burn Up chart

Paired with Burn down chart, Burn up provides insightful informations about your team progress especially regarding your ability to "Close" things.

More details on how it’s done and how to configure in [ Burn up chart: better understand team progress]({{ site.data.contact.uri.blog.uri }}/burn-up-chart-better-understand-team-progress) blog post

  • story #10738: have the list of parents when I edit a backlog item

Set parent a edition time in modal

Project administration

  • story #10773: have a restricted project administrator role

Project administrators can assign a group whose members will be authorized to add and remove project members. Those users will have an access to administration panel with only the “member” pane. They cannot administrate other groups

Configure a group to be restricted project admin

Bug fix


  • request #10979: Implement Same-Site cookie and cookie prefixes protections
  • request #10924: Update default configuration TLS cipher suites (early 2018 edition)
  • request #9782: Denial of service through non filtered inputs in LIKE SQL queries
  • request #11053: Password generator that can be used by site administrators at user account creation uses a insecure random source


Project creation from template


  • request #10975: I don’t know where I can drop a widget on a dashboard

Site administration

  • request #11018: Better redirection after project approbation
  • request #11001: Resending activation emails does not work when users are validated or validated restricted


  • request #10992: Downloading a large file from the FRS might reach the PHP memory limit


  • request #11026: API Explorer can be broken when Tuleap is behind a reverse proxy

Agile dashboard

Project administration

  • request #11014: Cannot delete suspended user from project
  • request #10990: LDAP entries retrieved two times when adding a member
  • request #10941: Cannot bind a ugroup to a LDAP directory group that is not at the first level of the tree
  • request #10890: LDAP Support for nested groups and groups from different nodes/folders



  • request #11049: Disable button to create a pull request if no pull request can be created
  • request #11042: pullrequest plugin should not be restrictable

Test Management

Tuleap Enterprise only.


Tuleap Enterprise only.

  • request #10997: Labels administration shouldn’t be displayed when pull request is not being used

Cross tracker search

Tuleap Enterprise only.




  • request #11032: Sending an email to a user through the user’s profile does not work
  • request #11029: Do not set the default PHP timezone from invalid user’s timezone
  • request #11038: Listened hooks in plugins administration are useless


  • request #11036: Do not install PHP files by default in the website project
  • request #10976: Error about short name patch already used when installing a new Tuleap instance with the tracker plugin
  • request #11016: Tuleap always think its running on a supported version of PHP



  • request #10963: Misleading error message when you try to initialize a signature public key with data of the wrong size
  • request #10799: Migrate cross tracker widget in vuejs


  • request #11024: Give the ability to plugins to append content to help page



  • request #10974: Update tools used to run the whole platform integration

Releases stats

  • 654 files changed, 33184 insertions(+), 30098 deletions(-)
  • They made the release (number of commits, author, company)
    • 104 Marie Ange Garnier
    • 89 Nicolas Terray
    • 89 Thomas Gerbet
    • 86 Yannis ROSSETTO
    • 36 Joris Masson
    • 30 Manuel VACELET
    • 7 Benjamin Dauton
    • 7 Thomas Gorka
    • 4 Sandra Echinard
    • 1 Matthieu Monnier
    • 1 Thomas Hövelmeyer

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