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Test Management and Traceability
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Tuleap 9.19 March 2018


Scrum - Velocity management (Tuleap Enterprise only)

It can be interesting to study team’s velocity evolution during a retrospective. This metric should show if the team is delivering feature on stable basis or if there are changes. Changes might come from environment (people turnover) or from the type of stories they had to work on, etc.

Starting 9.19, Tuleap Enterprise offers to team the ability to see their sprint velocity recorded. It’s computed when a sprint is done based on stories that were completed at this time. You can get more details on how to configure it for yourself and how it works in tuleap documentation.

Velocity bar chart

Scrum - Planning

Small but very convenient addition in Scrum Planning view, backlog items now show a progress bar at the bottom of the card that is computed with remaining effort and initial effort set on items.

No configuration is needed to benefit of this.

Progress bar on backlog items


Security - Short lived site administrator sessions (Tuleap Enterprise only)

It’s a recommended practice not to share a site administrator account between several people. Most of the time this means having one site admin account per user that must have those access.

Tuleap Enterprise propose a new approach to this problem with dynamic_credentials plugin: provision site administrator sessions on the fly with an external, secure audit trail in HashiCorp Vault.

After having installed the Tuleap plugin as well has HashiCorp Vault with tuleap plugin, when you need a site administrator access, you ask vault to generate credentials that will be valid for 30mn. After this period, the authorization are removed and you are automatically logged-out.

More details in administration guide


Framework and internals improvements

On the road to RHEL7

WARNING: RHEL/Centos7 is not suitable for production yet.

On the road to PHP7

Releases stats

Bug fix




Subversion (legacy & plugin)

Legacy SVN




Agile Dashboard

Project administration


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