In this live webinar, we will show you that it is possible to combine Agility and Compliance. Get ready to receive the best practices that enable development teams to consistently deliver innovative software and demonstrate standards to ISO/IEC compliance.

You are in the Medical, Automotive, Space-Defense industry. Software is at the heart of your technology products. Regulations are highly demanding and change quickly. In 2022, you will face new challenges:

  • Adapt faster to market changes,
  • Continuously delivery high-quality products,
  • Keep pace with ever-changing regulations.

Agility helps reach these challenges. 


  • Marrying agile approaches and standards requirements,
  • Deploy a rigorous and continuous value stream delivery,
  • Align hardware and software teams,
  • Achieve automatically an end-to-end traceability,
  • Provide easier and faster proofs of compliance during audits.

Based on a demonstration environment and experiences from our customers, we show you concretely how teams use Tuleap to collaborate more effectively.