Happier and more engaged teams, increased productivity up to 35% and faster time-to-market*, the results reported by enterprises that have deployed the agile framework SAFe® are compelling. It is time for action now. Let’s provide teams the right tools to get in sync. In this webinar, discover how to coordinate multiple teams, creating a balance between process standardization and team autonomy. You will see how Tuleap can help you gather teams around a shared vision and succeed with your first PI Planning.


  • The must-haves to launch your SAFe® Agile Release Train efficiently
  • Implement collaborative environments and an Agile Release Train workflow for Scrum teams
  • Create a shared backlog and synchronize iterations
  •  You are now ready! Our clients use this method to start their transformation.

Note: this webinar is not a SAFe® Training and Certification.

White paper

Scaled agile deployment with SAFe® and Tuleap

whitepaper scaled agile with SAFe and Tuleap