Softway Medical is a software supplier and integrator that develops solutions for the healthcare industry. Softway Medical’s customers are 1200 radiology centres and 1100 healthcare institutions. Thanks to Tuleap, Softway Medical has succeeded in aligning its R&D teams with the company’s general strategy, synchronising their work and optimising the quality management system to better pass compliance audits.

Their results with Tuleap

Strategic alignment and enterprise-wide visibility

cross-functional team collaboration and effectiveness

Continuous delivery of regulatory compliant applications

Christophe Letourmy, Product Manager at Softway Medical

With Tuleap, we achieve strategic alignment. This means we bring the actions of each team into line with our company’s strategic objective.

Testimony of Christophe Letourmy, Product Manager at Softway Medical

Christophe Letourmy is Product Manager at Softway Medical. In this case study he explains why and how they use Tuleap.

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