PCC (Physician’s Computer Company) is a USA software solutions enterprise that has been serving independent pediatricians across the nation for 40 years. In fact, the company’s aim is to provide pediatricians with the most accurate software, to support them throughout their daily activities and help them better organize work. Thanks to Tuleap, PCC has set up a centralized tool, enabling teams to improve collaboration, project management efficiency and also to automate their processes.

Their results with Tuleap

Enhanced internal organization and 2x more efficient project management

New automated processes and workflows

A transition towards one shared communication tool

Software developer at PCC
Project Manager at PCC 

Testimony of Kathleen Gudmudsen and Megan Maddocks, Software Developer and Project Manager at PCC.

Kathleen Gudmudsen, Software Developer and Megan Maddocks, Project Manager, explain in this article why and how PCC uses Tuleap.

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