STMicroelectronics is now part of the world’s leaders in both the semiconductor and the industrial applications industries. To be competitive, the manufacturer had to master the entire software production chain delivery. With Tuleap, STMicroelectronics has established processes to ensure end-to-end traceability, as well as improved internal and external collaboration to manage projects.

Their results with Tuleap

Centralized software development project management

A complete development chain and full traceability to facilitate ISO certifications.

10 000 collaborators. 4 Tuleap instances

internally and externally to manage projects in a productive way.

More sustainability and innovation

With the Open Source aspect of Tuleap and the Open Roadmap concept.

Stefano Amadori

Tuleap is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

Testimony of Stefano AMADORI, Solution Manager at STMicroelectronics

Stefano Amadori is in charge of tooling software development teams at STMicroelectronics. In this article, he explains why and how STMicroelectronics uses Tuleap.

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