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STMicroelectronics is now part of the world’s leaders in both the semiconductor and the industrial applications industries. To be competitive, the manufacturer had to master the entire software production chain delivery. With Tuleap, STMicroelectronics has now a complete overview and control over the software R&D, from ideas to the delivery of qualitative products, while making sure to truly meet market requirements.

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Stefano AMADORI, Solution Manager-CIO

Stefano AMADORI is in charge of tooling software development teams at STMicroelectronics. Here follows his explanation about why Tuleap was chosen.

♖ Challenge

Provide R&D and production teams with the right solution to manage complex software development projects

★ Solution

  • Tuleap Enterprise Diamond
  • Open Roadmap member
Stefano Amadori, Solution Manager at ST

With Tuleap, we handle the entire creation of our software chips, from R&D to manufacturing.

Stefano Amadori, Solution Manager, STMicroelectronics

✔ Results

10.000 collaborators. 4 Tuleap instances.

Engineers, developers, quality managers, agile experts, business analysts: 10,000 people are working with Tuleap to create high-quality software products

Centralized and precise software development project management

ST now has a complete development chain and flawless traceability which facilitates ISO certifications

Efficient collaboration – internal and external

At ST, development teams manage their projects productively. Collaboration with external partners is efficient, too

More sustainability. More innovations

The Open Source aspect of Tuleap and the Open Roadmap concept bring more freedom and innovation by offering a partnership with the provider

Challenge: mastering the complete industrial software development chain

industry 4.0 IoT

The Internet Of Things (IoT), smart objects… software is at the very heart of industrial products. Software is what now brings value to customers. In this context, the manufacturing processes of industrial products have no choice but to go with the flow and keep evolving.

Even though software development was not the core business of STMicroelectronics originally – which is rather likely to be the case for other big industrial corporations influenced by the digital transformation – they had to follow along and make it a top priority. To secure ST leadership position, they had no choice but to master their software development process, from R&D to manufacturing. And that’s what they did with Tuleap.

From now on, STMicroelectronics manages and follows the entire creation process of its electronic components, from R&D to manufacturing. These components are subsequently included in final products by their 100,000 customers, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Nintendo. These end products can include two types of software:

  • embedded software in cars, phones, sensors for IoT ;
  • peripheral software: drivers, development kits (SDK).
ST embedded software in the automotive industry

Why did STMicroelectronics choose Tuleap to manage their software development chain?

The organization is developing technologies that are embedded in everyday products: cars, medicine, phones, even in our own house… With 10,000 employees in R&D, STMicroelectronics decided to install 4 Tuleap instances to manage their software projects from A to Z as well as to facilitate collaboration with external partners.

One unique solution to achieve several challenges

Let’s take a closer look at every challenge STMicroelectronics had to face. Spoiler: each one of them had been successfully mastered thanks to Tuleap.

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CHALLENGES – STMicroelectronics

Empowering teams to efficiently develop complex software applicationsProviding an all-in-one solution for application lifecycle management, enabling requirements management, project management, software development, testing and quality assurance processes and maintenance
Launching products that comply with certifications and ISOSystematic traceability throughout the lifecycle of the project which facilitates audits
Maintaining highly secured environments with access managementCentralized Authentification via SSO
Fine management of permissions on each tool
Monitoring of all accesses and modifications history
– Creation of user groups with specific rights
Collaborating and sharing documentsCollaborative documents workspace for each project environment
Promoting agile approaches for project managementTuleap provides tools for agile approaches: Agile Dashboards, Scrum, Kanban, Agility at scale

Taking advantage of Open Source benefits to industrialize the software development chain

For ST, it was out of question to fall into the trap of proprietary licenses. To have a long-term solution, the company immediately bet on Open Source which provides many advantages for companies. Here are the key elements that prompted ST to choose Tuleap:

  • Freedom and sustainability
    “Open Source is important to avoid being dependent on a supplier.”
  • High ROI
    “Tuleap is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. […] The cost is limited when it comes to deploying at a large scale.”
  • Two-way collaboration
    “The open source aspect allows us to easily participate in the development of the product and rely on its sustainability.”
Stefano Amadori, Solution Manager at ST

Tuleap is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

Stefano Amadori, Solution Manager – ST

Trusting a real professional support

With thousands of daily users of the Tuleap platforms, STMicroelectronics wanted the assurance of responsive expert support in the event of an incident.

“Tuleap SLA allows us to reduce downtime to minutes.”

The Tuleap Enterprise Edition Diamond subscription provides IT teams with high-level technical support, with guaranteed response times (SLA).

Denis Pilat Service Manager at ST

Our Tuleap platforms are very critical to our business. We did the math. Just a one-day interruption of one of our Tuleap instances could cost us 2 million euros.

Denis Pilat, Service Manager, Software & System Engineering dpt -ST

Meet teams expectations
and avoid shadow IT

Early on, STMicroelectronics identified the problem of shadow IT, a phenomenon where users that don’t feel like being given the right answers to their needs take the freedom of installing or manufacturing their own tools. To avoid both losing control over their homemade tools and the hidden costs associated with this type of behavior, ST has subscribed to the Tuleap Open Roadmap ™. This way, the IT department collects the requests of its internal customers and thus collaborates with Enalean:

“With Tuleap, we benefit from a very high level of reactivity and an attentive ear to make the product evolve according to our needs.”

“We can participate in the evolution of Tuleap thanks to our partnership with Enalean to ensure that the tool meets our needs. The product evolves according to our expectations, over the years.”

Agile Story Points with Tuleap

How does STMicroelectronics use Tuleap?

As a multinational, providing the world’s largest organizations, ST must ensure a flawless development chain. Each stage of development must go through a strict testing phase in order to meet compliance requirements. To do so, the project teams needed an integrated, centralized and secure working environment.

4 Tuleap instances to facilitate collaboration both within the organization and with external partners

At STMicroelectronics, 4 instances have been installed for internal and external software development:

  • 1 main instance, used by 8,000 users for internal Research and Development projects. This platform must be highly available; data is replicated in real time across 2 data centers;
  • 1 instance of 300 people for the management of highly confidential data on an isolated network for security matters;
  • 1 instance of 1,000 people for developments in collaboration with external partners and customers (research laboratories and partner companies worldwide);
  • 1 instance dedicated to Product Engineering for versioning and sending test patterns to factories, on a highly available platform with a dedicated Jenkins infrastructure.
The 4 Tuleap instances at STMicroelectronics

Unified management of internal developments

To turn the simple idea of a new chip into an innovative application, it implies having a vision and a good understanding of the final product in advance, following the evolution of requirements and the progress of the project. One of ST’s challenges was to centrally manage software projects and to control the different versions of its software over time.

Now, with Tuleap, engineering teams succeed in handling the entire lifecycle of their applications. With a single solution, ST teams manage all stages of their software project: requirements management, project planning, code versioning, testing and maintenance. The gains for the teams are significant:

  • faster developments,
  • better projects visibility,
  • high-quality products,
  • happier teams.

“At ST, a project brings together 2 to 800 people. And we have hundreds of projects on Tuleap.”

cleanroom at STMicroelectronics

A demanding Quality Assurance Plan to meet standards

Software for industrial products have one specificity: they demand an irreproachable level of quality. Hence, it is of paramount importance to develop a Quality Assurance Plan to validate the software before it goes into production.

ST makes it a top priority to ensure the quality of its products. To go through the entire software development cycle, ST uses the Tuleap Test Management module which is integrated into agile project planning tools. Thus, the test and validation processes facilitate audits of compliance with ISO 9000, 9001, 9004, IATF 16949, ITIL.

Kirk ADONIADIS, Quality Assurance Manager at ST

With Tuleap, test management is done in parallel with requirements management. This makes it easier, during audits, to provide evidence that what we deliver complies with what has been requested.

Kirk ADONIADIS, Quality Assurance Manager – ST

Beyond development teams

As a project management software, Tuleap is not only built for R&D teams. At STMicroelectronics, the flexibility of the tool seduced the whole company and Tuleap was soon naturally extended to other departments. For instance, the purchasing center uses Tuleap to manage its supplier qualification process.


On the CIO side:

  • A unified and safe work environment for 10,000 people
  • Simplified user management and maintenance, reduced TCO
  • A very easy-to-maintain and cost-effective solution

“To serve 10,000 people and manage our 4 Tuleap instances, we need few IT resources.”

On Dev Teams side:

  • Better project management with a workflow adapted to the specific needs of each team
  • Better collaboration both with on-site collaborators and external partners
  • A to Z traceability for flawless quality assurance and audits

Let’s discuss how Tuleap can help you achieve your goals