STMicroelectronics is a French-Italian multinational, the Europe’s largest semiconductor chip maker, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. STMicroelectronics addresses four end markets: automotive, industrial, personal electronics, communications equipment, computers & peripherals.


Pierre-Yves COLLE

IT Program Manager

IT programs at STMicroelectronics are worldwide large projects composed of multiples teams and leaders to coordinate. To manage large programs, how to avoid hundreds of non-tracked emails and over-complex tools?

Pierre-Yves COLLE shares how he designed and adapted workspaces with Tuleap to perfectly suit his needs: get at the same time, an helicopter view for his Top Management and a detailed view for monitoring progress at project level.

In Brief

INDUSTRY: Semi-conductors

  • Tuleap Enterprise Diamond
  • Open Roadmap


JOB CHALLENGE: Managing very large projects, avoiding hundreds of non-tracked emails and over-complex tools


  • Tuleap Enterprise Diamond
  • Open Roadmap


  • Tuleap Issue Tracker
  • Tuleap Analytics & Dashboards


  • Adapted workflow management
  • Improved dashboards, both for the Top Management and the Operational Teams
  • Efficient Project Management

You know the WYSIWYG? With Tuleap, “What you Want is What You Set.” Do you want a very specific workflow? Just design it: choose your transitions and change  the words.

Pierre-Yves Colle, IT Program Manager, STMicroelectronics

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