Vignal Group is a global player specialized in innovative lighting as well as safety products and systems for major manufacturers of commercial and off-roads vehicles. Operating over 3 continents (America, Asia and Europe) with more than 600 employees. Vignal Group currently has 6 production sites and develops more than 20 product lines. Thanks to Tuleap, Vignal Group has achieved its objective of full traceability while allowing teams to gain in productivity.

Their results with Tuleap

2x more efficiency in project management

Through improved productivity, collaboration and team coordination.

3x more productivity

With a better organization of the teams during the projects.

100% traceability

To ensure compliance with software standards.

Thanks to Tuleap, we are now able to meet 100% of our traceability requirements.

Testimony of Guillaume DUPUIS, development Director at Vignal

Guillaume Dupuis is an expert and member of the electric development team at Vignal. In this article, he explains why and how Vignal Group uses Tuleap.

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