All about Tuleap Trackers (E-301-EN)
Trackers, artifacts, reports, how to master traceability in your Tuleap project.



  • Development teams
  • Project managers


  • Master trackers usage and configuration
  • Highlight data stored in artifacts
  • Setup workflows and rules
  • Set up permissions
  • How to link artifacts


Tuleap onBoarding (E-101-EN)


E-learning, interactive discussion

Monitoring and evaluations

Workshops, Multiple choice quiz

Access to the platform

1 month from the date of purchase


At the end of the training, the trainee will master the configuration of Tuleap Trackers, will know how to use, create and modify a Tuleap tracker.


  • Introduction to trackers
  • Create a tracker
  • Submit and import artifacts
  • Public and private reports
  • Trackers administration : how to set up your own tracker
  • Advanced configuration : workflows, rules and permissions
  • Go further with the trackers : links between artifacts, computed fields, time tracking

Training program

Tuleap Trackers: Introduction

In this introduction, we are going to create a tracker from a template and create our first artifacts.

We will learn how to modify an existing tracker to suit your needs.

We will learn how to create your tracker reports, the essential tool to extract and highlight your tracker data.

Tuleap Trackers: Reports

How to leverage reporting capabilities  and highlight your trackers data?

Tuleap Trackers: Advanced Configuration

Customize your trackers in Tuleap.
How to set up rules on fields and automate actions on trackers?

Trackers are very powerful tools and control their customization helps you to save time.

Tuleap Trackers: Go further

Tuleap traceability is fully used through trackers.

We will see how to control cross artifacts links and create your own links. Then, we will explain why and when to define a tracker hierarchy.

The latest will help us to set up triggers between trackers.

To end this training, we will present the Cross Tracker Search and Time Tracking tools.

€ without VAT /person
Grade : advanced Duration : 04:00

Access to the platform : 1 month from the date of purchase

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Sandra Echinard

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Tuleap Service and Training Manager

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