Git developments with Tuleap (E-201-EN)
This training is an introduction to Git and Git usage with Tuleap. The training in progressive, first modules starts with the basics GIT and Versioning Control System tool. At then end of the training, you will be able to setup a workflow with GIT to manage the source code, use Pull Requests and configure a Jenkins pipeline.



  • Development team


  • Understand the benefits of using a version control system
  • Use Git with Tuleap daily
  • Enforce your development strategy through the Git administration and Pull Requests


Tuleap knowledge (E-101-EN)


E-learning, interactive discussion

Monitoring and evaluations

Workshops, Multiple choice quiz

Access to the platform

1 month from the date of purchase


The trainee will be able to industrialize his software developments with Git to manage the source code and use it by itself or with Tuleap.


  • Introduction to version control systems and Git
  • Use of Git
  • Git with Tuleap : use and administration
  • Use of Tuleap Pull Requests
  • Configure a Jenkins pipeline

€ without VAT /person
Grade : advanced Duration : 03:00

Access to the platform : 1 month from the date of purchase

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Martin Goyot

Training proposed byMartin Goyot

Tuleap Consultant and Trainer

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