Tuleap usage (E-103-EN)
This training will let you discover all the services included within Tuleap platform. You will also learn to use some tools, such as the trackers, the heart of Tuleap, as well as Git.



  • New users
  • Frequent users


  • What is personal space and project space
  • Basic knowledge of software engineering tools
  • Basic knowledge of collaborative tools
  • Basic knowledge of project management tools
  • Basic knowledge of Trackers
  • Basic knowledge of Git and Pull Requests




E-learning, interactive forum

Monitoring and evaluations

Workshops, MCQ

Access to the platform

2 months from the date of purchase


At the end of the training, the trainee will:

  • Have a view and understanding of the different tools available in Tuleap
  • Know how to find information in Tuleap
  • Know which tool will answer his/her needs
  • Know how to use trackers
  • Know how to use Git repositories in Tuleap


  • Tuleap OnBoarding
  • Trackers usage
  • Agility concept reminder
  • Scrum with Tuleap: usage
  • Kanban with Tuleap: usage
  • Tests and traceability in Tuleap
  • Test Plan: manage your tests campaigns from Scrum tool
  • Git and the Pull Requests

Training program

Tuleap OnBoarding

Get to know Tuleap. This module is an introduction to this tool.

Services offered by the collaborative Tuleap platform will be presented.

Trackers usage

What is an artifact, a tracker, a field, a report?

How to make a report and highlight the data of your trackers?

Agility concept reminder

The goal of this module is to have some reminder about Agile methodology and its vocabulary. This module will help for the understanding of Agile Dashboard in Tuleap modules.

Scrum with Tuleap: usage

Agile Dashboard’s Scrum is a planning tool in which every team gets to be agile their own way. Learn how to use it.


Kanban with Tuleap: usage

With Tuleap Kanban tools board, transform day-to-day tasks in a streamlined workflow and focus on what’s hot, whether you are a software developer (agile or not) or in IT, human resources, or sales.

Tests and traceability in Tuleap

Deliver high quality software. Decrease incidents. With this e-learning module, learn how to manage automated and manual tests thanks to Tuleap Test Management™.

Test Plan: manage your tests campaigns from Scrum tool

Learn how to use TTM (Tuleap Test Management) with Test Plan in the Agile Dashboard context.

Git and Pull Requests

Learn how to use Git in Tuleap and its Pull Requests.

€ without VAT /person
Grade : intermediate Duration : 09:00

Access to the platform : 2 months from the date of purchase

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Sandra Echinard

Training proposed bySandra Echinard

Tuleap Service and Training Manager

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