Digital transformation has changed the way we work. Processes we used in the past are not the solutions for the future, and established organizations are looking for new ways to innovate and deliver value. 
Enterprises understand they need to move quickly, and turn to Agile and DevOps as the solution. That’s good! But how to ensure quality, collaboration, security and building the right product in a rapidly changing market.

Agility and DevOps are efficient approaches in helping companies achieve and succeed at these new ever changing challenges. Let’s take a look at the differences, convergences and tools of these two philosophies.

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speaker: Sebastien romanet

Sébastien Romanet

With a ten-year experience in software and industrial world, Sébastien do understand the biggest challenges businesses face today. His own challenge is to show how Tuleap helps achieve your innovation and development goals, whether you’re a newfound startup or an established enterprise. When he’s not working, you can find Sébastien traipsing across flower-strewn Alpine meadows or stuck in front of star-wars movies.

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