Agile and Devops at hand. More flexible than ever. Fast ROI. Open Source. On-premise or in the cloud. Here’s why the most innovative companies work with Tuleap.

Whether you’re Agile, in transition or pro-waterfall, we got you. On premise or in the Cloud, no matter what you choose, we support you. Whatever your profile, come see how Tuleap will help you on a daily basis:

  • As a project manager, have you ever been forced to follow a workflow that wasn’t right for you? With Tuleap, you will be free to configure everything yourself.
  • As a CIO, do you want to reduce your licensing costs and need responsive support? Try Tuleap, chat with our team, see the difference.
  • As a Developer, do you waste time juggling between multiple tools? Tuleap is an all-in-one solution.
  • As a QA, do you want to visualize test plans related to stories? With Tuleap, test management is integrated into agile planning boards.

speaker: Sebastien romanet

Sébastien Romanet

With a ten-year experience in software and industrial world, Sébastien do understand the biggest challenges businesses face today. His own challenge is to show how Tuleap helps achieve your innovation and development goals, whether you’re a newfound startup or an established enterprise. When he’s not working, you can find Sébastien traipsing across flower-strewn Alpine meadows or stuck in front of star-wars movies.

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