1,5 years of work, 18 incremental versions, 1.278 closed requests, 100K manual and automated tests, we have made a big step, Tuleap comes to a major version: Tuleap release 12 is out!

Quality Assurance, DevOps, Agile at scale, the three big capabilities of this new version help organizations achieve today’s challenges, providing their teams with an integrated and sustainable tooling.

Three large organizations are already happy with it : STMicroelectronics, the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and the DGA (French Government Defence).

Join this webinar. You’ll understand why Tuleap is unique. You’ll see how, you too, can finally get a complete picture of your project.

What’s big?

  • Test Plan (Tuleap Test Management): believe it, you will be able to manage your manual and automated test plans at the same place, as early as possible, from requirements definition and releases planification. Monitor in real time requirement test coverage.
  • Integration between Jenkins and Tuleap with a single sign on authentication, an easier user access management and automation trigger between Tuleap and Jenkins.
  • Agile at scale. Improve teams collaboration, deploy agility across your organization with more agile teams, and provide agile framework with autonomous teams.

After the presentation and the live demo, you’ll be free to ask any questions.

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