Agile and DevOps all-in-one. On-Premise or in the Cloud. Ultra-flexible solution. Fully Open Source, no vendor lock-in. Developed and maintained by the same team. Here’s why innovative companies use Tuleap.

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Whether you’re Agile, in transition or pro-waterfall, we got you. On premise or in the Cloud, no matter what you choose, we support you. Tuleap enables team to move towards agile and DevOps practices to help them deliver valuable software.

IT Project Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Business Analysts, Transformation Leaders, Agilists and CIOs, join this webinar to discover Tuleap Open Source experience, a new way of collaborating thanks to:

  • Powerful integrated Agile and DevOps tools,
  • A customer-centric culture, trustworthy client-provider relationship, and full support,
  • Tuleap Open Roadmap®: an innovative concept promoting client-provider collaboration to co-construct the solution together, to better fit your needs

Live demo of Tuleap

Kanban Scrum Planning tool

Speaker: Sébastien ROMANET

Sebastien Romanet

With a ten-year experience in software and industrial world, Sébastien do understand the biggest challenges businesses face today. His own challenge is to show how Tuleap helps achieve your innovation and development goals, whether you’re a newfound startup or an established enterprise. When he’s not working, you can find Sébastien traipsing across flower-strewn Alpine meadows or stuck in front of star-wars movies.

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