In software-driven industries, automotive, avionics, medical, high-tech, regulatory compliance is a real challenge when a new product is launched. That is why software quality assurance is a key stage to drive the success of new products.


During conformity audits, it is all about providing verifiable evidence of work items’ traceability, from A to Z, from requirements to delivered products and test coverage. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Implement a rigorous methodology to ensure conformity from the beginning of the project
  • Set up a quality assurance policy with continuous and planned testing, at every stage
  • Prove items tracking and traceability of your software developments, from requirements to validation testing (cross-references, traceability map…).

This webinar will show you how to reach complete traceability with Tuleap, easily and automatically. We will replay a code auditing, browsing work items all along the product lifecycle.

For: Quality Managers, Projects Leads, Development teams, Testers

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    Sébastien Romanet

    speaker: Sebastien Romanet

    With a ten-year experience in software and industrial world, Sébastien do understand the biggest challenges businesses face today. His own challenge is to show how Tuleap helps achieve your innovation and development goals, whether you’re a newfound startup or an established enterprise. When he’s not working, you can find Sébastien traipsing across flower-strewn Alpine meadows or stuck in front of star-wars movies.

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