There’s no more doubts: software plays a major role in industries nowadays. As to keep up with the high demand for new, increasingly complex and reliable applications, as well as with stricter compliance requirements, being able of ensuring the quality of the software you develop has turned into a critical success factor. Here follows some useful resources to learn more about this topic and help you manage your software.

Ensure quality in software development

ALM: Application Lifecycle Management

Check out our contents about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM): the comprehensive process of managing the entire software lifecycle. Provide teams with the appropriate set of tools and resources they need all along the process both for project management activities and software engineering ones.

Project Management tools and methods

Here’s some useful references about project management topics to help you improve team efficiency, project monitoring and decision-making in due time, just to name a few.

Agile Methods

Agile, Scrum, Kanban approaches: here you have a list of contents to better understand agility: a set of tools, values and methods you can opt for as to improve your project management.

Scale up Agile

Looking for a solution to succeed in aligning agile teams with the overall strategy of the enterprise? Find out our range of contents to better understand and deploy agility at scale.

Agile digital transformation

Turn your plans into reality, making your software an actual competitive advantage for the business. Learn more about the agile digital transformation.

Open Source software

The Open Source is way more than publicly available code, it has become a mindset promoting principles such as transparency and open collaboration. Here’s some more details about the Open Source Software and its strategic advantages for companies.


Tuleap allows integration with various software solutions, including Jira, GitLab, Jenkins… Discover our various resources about integration to better understand how data migration works.


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