Align teams and boost collaboration across your organization

teams syncronization

Your ability to deliver profitable products depends on the collective ability of your teams to build solutions that reliably meet your customers’ needs. Even if your people are the best, your product will only be as good as their capacity to work together efficiently.

Tuleap is the perfect addition to your Agile or DevOps culture. It aligns your teams with a shared mission that encompasses both business and technology. Tuleap brings people together and creates cross-functional teamwork toward agreed-upon goals and roadmaps. 

How does Tuleap supports team
collaboration and alignment

Bridge the gap

Connected, aligned development and business teams through an Agile and DevOps approach

Streamline workflow

Collaborative work and workflow and process automation to reduce rework

Share vision

Shared information on product scope and progress

Provide a single source of truth

A single source of truth to keep everyone on the same page

Raphael Hiet

For the defense-industry project I’m coordinating, my teams an I needed an integrated, agile environment to be effective. Tuleap has brought my teams together. Now, software developers, testers, DevOps, and cybersecurity teams all enjoy collaborate with Tuleap.

Raphaël HIET, Project Design Authority — THALES

Create cross-functional teams that know no silos

  • Unite all stakeholders involved directly or indirectly in a software product or service (sales, product owners, developers, testers, QA, IT, support) on a single platform
  • Give each type of user the right tools to get the job done
  • Help team members to communicate in real-time whether they are down the hall or halfway around the world
  • Share files and data securely from a single source
  • Enable people to collaborate easily on code, documents, and requirements
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Give your teams autonomy within clearly defined boundaries

When you empower your people to shape their work environment, they perform at their best. With Tuleap, you can give your teams greater autonomy within clearly defined boundaries that guarantee alignment with your organization’s processes and business strategy. Your teams will reach a whole new level of performance and the quality of your product will improve. After all, isn’t that what a modern, Agile ALM solution should do?

Tuleap offers two levels of administration so that you can create the level of autonomy you want within your organization’s framework:

High-level administration, where you can create corporate templates with pre-configured workspaces, workflows, and permissions

Project-level administration, where each project team can customize the template workspace, setting their own triggers and transitions in the workflow, user groups, and permissions on each tool, field, and document

Share an overview of the product and project with all stakeholders 

Projects are more efficient and profitable when all members of the team are working together toward the completion of the next iteration in the workflow and, more broadly, the success of the project. Tuleap gives each project a single collaborative workspace where cross-functional teams can come together. 

  • Product vision: Project team members can share ideas, requirements, and stories. They will create a shared vision of the purpose of the product, the intention behind the product, and what the product should achieve for users. And a shared vision is crucial to engagement and performance.
  • Project progress: All stakeholders can access up-to-the-minute information about tasks and development progress, urgent items, and bottlenecks through Tuleap visual boards and KPIs. This ensures that everyone knows what the important work and critical milestones are.
  • Best practices: Your people can contribute to and capitalize on your company’s history and experience with the Tuleap content and knowledge base.
project management dashboards

Leverage Agile and DevOps tools

Agile and DevOps approaches focus on culture and collaboration as the key components of an effective SDLC strategy. Practices like Agile management, and continuous development, testing, delivery, and deployment are employed to eliminate silos and process bottlenecks. Automation is also vital to maintaining a continuous delivery pipeline.

Tuleap can help your organization achieve these objectives by speeding up processes, improving communication, and automating repetitive tasks.