Increase ROI of agile tools

Imagine what your day would be like if you could bring all of your internal customers — Businesses, Software developers, HelpDesk, DevOps—a single tool to meet their needs. No more wondering what tools each department has installed and no more surprises when it comes to requesting your budget from your CEO.

Tuleap is a powerful all-in-one tool that can be used by all departments in your organization to manage their activities. It is easy and intuitive for teams, easy for you to maintain and control permissions, and your CEO will love the cost savings and added security. Sound good?

all-in-one software solution - roi friendly

How does Tuleap enhance ALM and decrease shadow IT

A smaller number of applications in use

With an all-in-one platform that meets the needs of many departments 

Streamlined maintenance

With a single tool to administrate and centralized process administration and access rights

Internal customers happier 

Tools that match internal users’ needs and that mitigate shadow IT risk

Advantages of an Open Source solution

No vendor lock-in. Lower licence fees. Sustainability. Transparency


To grow with your organization’s needs, from tens of users to tens of thousands

At ST, 10.000 users are working on Tuleap.  Our Tuleap platform is really critical and require high availability. Tuleap maintenance is really short, it’s a 8-minute-process. We update our instance 7 times a year to get bug fixes, new features and security patches.

Denis Pilat, IT Service Manager, STMicroelectronics

Respond to the needs of multiple departments with an all-in-one ALM solution

  • Connect development, business functions, QA, and DevOps, whether they are down the hall or halfway around the globe.
  • Get all team members working under the same virtual roof with the flexibility to tailor their workspaces to meet their needs.
  • Give help desk teams the ability to plan, track, code, and collaborate on software products and applications from a single tool for increased productivity.
  • Encourage teams of up to thousands of users to adopt best practices like Agile, continuous delivery and DevOps.

Make your teams feel like at home

  • Make your own project templates for easier project launches. 
  • Give your teams a choice of tools like Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, CMMI, ITIL, and more to design their project workspaces for the way they work.
  • Customize project templates for your industry standards or processes.
Tuleap: tools, teams, projects

Easier administration and lower costs

  • Set up new projects faster and more cost-effectively with a single integrated platform instead of a variety of heterogeneous tools.
  • Centrally manage users and rights by configuring user groups and repositories from Tuleap’s high-level administration interface for granular, path-based access rights to each project or tool.
  • Experience truly streamlined maintenance with a single platform to support instead of multiple incompatible plugins.
  • Eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in with an open source solution that will be around for a long time to come.
Tuleap administration

Sound goods?